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dish restaurant chicken and dumplings how to make chicken and dumplings from scratch | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-08-03
Taste the tender chicken and handmade dumplings in the bottom of the cream soupfrom-Scraping version of chicken and dumplings.This mouth-watering dish is destined to satisfy you, and people line up in the kitchen with bowls and spoons in their hands and taste this pipe --Warm and comfortable food.There is no place like home, especially when there are close friends and family around and great family cooking.
Rinse the chicken thoroughly under cold water.Place the chicken in the soup pot, completely covered with water, allow 2-One inch above the chicken.
Put the soup pot on the stove-high heat.Occasionally poke the chicken with a fork to assist in the cooking process.Let the chicken cook for 30 to 40 minutes or until it falls --apart tender.
Insert a large knife or spoon into the body cavity, put on the oven gloves and lift the chicken from the water.Transfer the chicken to the plate for complete cooling.
Reduce the heat to medium, add six pieces of chicken and lightly boil water.Add water so that the water level reaches the level when the chicken is placed in the pan.Stir occasionally
Put 6 cups of plain flour into a large bowl.Add 1 tsp.salt and 1 tsp.Add garlic powder to the flour.Mix with a fork.
Put a margarine in the flour.Gently tear the margarine into small pieces with your hands and grind it into flour.Continue to pass the flour and margarine through your hand until it feels like a coarse grain and can no longer feel the butter.
Pour two cups of milk into the flour mixture and gently stir with a fork until the moisture is absorbed.Continue to stir alternately with milk until the dough forms a soft ball.Do not over-stir.
Gently apply a clean working surface or counter with flour.Transfer the dough to the surface of the flour.Press the dough out with the flour hand until it is as flat and thin as the pizza dough, occasionally sprinkle it with flour, then turn the dough over to the other side several times.Roll pin can be used if needed, or you can stretch the peace dough by hand.
Cut the dough into pieces the size of a domino.Pick up each piece individually and put it in a slightly boiling broth.Stir after adding each piece of dough and rotate the broth a little.Dumplings will sink and get up when they are cooked.
Wash your hands after putting all the dough into the broth.Discard the skin from the chicken and remove the meat from the bones.Chop the meat slightly with your hand or forksized pieces.Put the shredded chicken into the broth mixture.Use dark and light-colored meat and gently stir the broth while adding the chicken.
Let the chicken and dumplings cook for 20 minutes before serving.Season with salt and pepper.
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