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dish out meaning in restaurant myths about indian foods & cuisine that you need to know

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
Indian cuisine is a food that does not distinguish borders and continents and is loved by all.Wherever you go, you can find a stall, a vendor, a hotel or restaurant that offers Indian food.However, I have observed that even myths can be used as accompaniment after crossing national borders!Whenever I am outside of India, I hear a lot of myths.
A lot of people come to me and ask me if this is really the case.Here, I highlight some of the common illusions that are spread all over the world.Myth 1: Indian food is vegetarian, strictly speaking.
Although Indian cuisine is true to some extent, it is not a "strict" vegan.India combines many cultures and sects.Indians mainly eat vegetarian food;Some of the smaller denominations in the religion follow their own food style.There are plenty of meat eaters and seafood lovers in India.
In fact, chicken is the most popular meat in India.The cattle here are considered sacred and even banned from owning beef.Myth 2: If it is Tikka, it must be Indian food.
This myth has been introduced to Britain and welcomed by them.The fact is that tikka is a dish introduced by Mughals to India.The dish was then adopted by the Punjab region, where it was modified to suit the taste buds of the locals.
Then the dish went to the place where Punjabis went;Although foreigners may find it delicious, Tikka is not popular in India because it has a lot of competition with other dishes.Myth 3: If it's spicy, it's Indian food.Yet another very prominent myth is that almost everyone who eats Indian food abroad eats a round.India is a melting pot, so there are thousands of dishes to be praised, mainly because of the cultural diversity of each state.
While Indian cuisine is more delicious than European or American cuisine, there are also sweet recipes.Experience Gujarat cuisine;Even in lentils and vegetable dishes, you will find a hint of sweetness.Indian food is monotonous.This may be the biggest mistake people can make when considering Indian food.
India is made up of 29 states, each with a population who speaks different languages, lives differently, celebrates its own festivals and has its own cuisine.Trust me, your journey may end if you decide to try Indian cuisine, but the variety offered by Indian cuisine will never end.Indian food means Curry.The word curry seems to Indians to be very different from people in other places.
Curry is a side dish in southern India.
Dishes with or without gravy.
Curry comes from Tamil Kari, meaning meat next to the main course.With this article, I hope you will have a better understanding of Indian food and food;I can now recommend this article to those who are confused about the real Indian food
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