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dish of the day restaurant are you working today? | warrior forum - the #1 digital ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
dish of the day restaurant are you working today? | warrior forum - the #1 digital ...
This is a question I saw on Facebook posted by a group that I am a member of over and let me stop and think.
Part of the nature of this issue is that anyone who works on New Year's Day must be a little workaholic and should therefore be ashamed.
Many would interpret the question as, "Are you one of those poor creatures who will never take a vacation and enjoy life and spend time with family and friends ? ".
I even asked a friend to send me a private message saying, "You never shut down. . . always working!
"They are partly correct, but it's also partly because I'm just a type --Character :-
) I did work today, and since I started my online business almost 20 years ago, I may do at least some work a day.
The difference is that I do think my job is fun, not some chore.
I do what I want to do because I get satisfaction from it and honestly believe it helps a lot of people, and knowing that it provides me and my family and many others with a life that we wouldn't have had if I were in most other jobs.
This is the case. . .
Many of my friends spend hours hanging out on social media.
Chat with friends and have fun with yourself, but feel like they really should get some much needed work done.
They live a quiet life of despair and misfortune.
I look forward to going to work every day and rarely close.
Many people will think that the second point is sad, but when your job is your passion, you may fall asleep because of some challenges, when you fall asleep, your subconscious mind works on it (and comes up with a solution) and when you get up for the first time, you are ready to record this answer before you forget.
I also spend a few hours on social media one day, and I do think this forum is a form of social media.
However, while I seem to be just wasting my time, I am researching, building projects or joint ventures through private information, indirectly linked buildings, just know my customers (let them know me ).
When I post images on Facebook, it's not just because I think they're cute, but because I 've learned how to use them as part of my sales message.
For example, I have posted photos of my trip to many different countries and my photos are halfa-
More than a dozen cruise ships, hang out with friends at meetings, and hang out in some rather exotic places.
Sharing all these pictures is marketing for me.
It shares the message that the lifestyle of a laptop is real, and when you have more networks, you do create greater success, and even life doesn't have to be all
It conveys the message that even if I am not 100% aware of the reasons for my success, success is there and deserves attention. . .
This is the marketing/job :-
So I will ask you, "Do you go to work today ? "\" . . .
The second question, "Do you like it ? "
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