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discover the very best fine dining restaurants in marbella - east villa restaurant fine dining chinese dishes & continental

by:Two Eight     2019-09-13
discover the very best fine dining restaurants in marbella  -  east villa restaurant fine dining chinese dishes & continental
After your flight and all the traveling troubles that come with it, please enjoy some of the best food that Spain has to offer in Marbella.
Marbella is known for its beautiful beaches, Marina and upscale boutiques, and is also a famous food center.
For serious gourmets, a trip to the elegant resort is incomplete without going to at least one of the well-known and delicious restaurants.
This is the best five I can personally recommend.
This small Michelin restaurant is located in the old town of Marbella,
The Starred restaurant features traditional malague OS cuisine in a modern style.
The restaurant itself is a mix of old and new with stunning glass-
Closed wine cellar in its center.
Looking forward to Lobster meat such as strawberry and venison ham and celery.
Dani Garcia restaurant with two Michelin restaurants
Chef Dani García, named after him, is the master who creates the sense of excitement and intoxicating flavor.
At Marbella's gold Mile's restaurant of the same name, his goal is to recreate the magic and wonders of childhood with surprising flavors, textures and ultra-beautiful blends
Modern technology.
Expect to stew andarussi andados like pig ears, foie gras with Perigeux sauce and peas, chocolate and avocado.
El Lago Marbella is located next to the prestigious Greenlife golf course with green fairways, stunning lakes and the backdrop of the Elviria hills, El Lago isThe Michelin-
Star food is a traditional Andalusian cuisine inspired by fresh local produce.
Villa erio is located in the Italian garden of 6,000 square meters with statues, waterfalls and sheds. Villa erio's restaurant is the preferred restaurant in Marbella's selected dinner.
Owned and operated by international restaurant owner Sandro Morelli, this dish is contemporary European cuisine with a focus on Italy, including: fresh pasta, Osso Bucco, Capesanti e gam
If you are looking for a lively evening to go out with your food, then Soliluna of Calle Sierra Bermeja is the perfect choice.
Host a variety of live entertainment on the spacious terrace, including Tango and flamenco shows overlooking the garden, where dining feels like a private party.
The food was also great, all the meat and seafood were sourced locally, and regular barbecues were also served for Sunday lunches.
The easiest way to get to Marbella is to fly to Malaga airport.
Booking a direct transfer before departure is well worth it, as taxis at Malaga airport are in high demand and may be long queues during peak hours.
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