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dinnerware sets in pottery or ceramic difference between low fire & high fire in pottery | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
Firing is essential in pottery.Heat is applied to the original clay that has been glazed.Firing solidify the glaze, harden the clay, and make an item that can accommodate daily use.The temperature of a piece being ignited varies with the choice of high fire or low fire technology.
Potters must understand the differences between firing techniques in order to create the best pottery.Pottery is fired at a temperature measured by a cone in the kiln.Low ignition at a cone temperature of up to four to six.
High fire-The temperature range in the cone ranges from 6 to 10.The cone temperature of more than 10 degrees is used to fire Chinese art works of glass and glaze.In ceramic and clay pottery, cone 10 and higher cones reduce the strength of the fragments.
Each glaze must be properly fired.
Pottery with bright colors or complex designs prefer low fire.The low firing temperature allows the glaze to cover the pottery without blurring the design.High fire is used without complex designs or brightly colored pieces.
In fact, high-Fire technology may add spots to pottery, as the glaze leaves spots at high temperatures.The glaze runs, the design is applied, but the glaze will blend together for better waterproofing.Low-and high-Fire technology affects glass curing.
Pottery becomes glass when the temperature is very high.It's getting hard and the result is getting tighter and tighter.Complete glass transition is not encouraged by low fire.
The result is that pottery is not so strong --fired pieces.These pieces are not fully integrated, making complex pieces more fragile.High fire allows complete melting of all debris, complete hardening and glass-like finish.
Potters use two firing techniques to create different qualities on finished pottery.Before the Potter is fired, consider the type of material and its intended use.Clay and other pottery materials work best under low fire conditions, while porcelain, ceramics and pottery react well with high fire conditionsfire technique.
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