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Diners behaving badly: The bizarre truth about what really goes on in restaurants - italian vegetarian dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Diners behaving badly: The bizarre truth about what really goes on in restaurants  -  italian vegetarian dishes in restaurants
The man asked the waiter to bring him some aluminum foil, but he didn't say what it was.
The waiter went to the kitchen with due diligence and brought back some tin paper and handed it to the man.
He wrapped the whole baby barramundi in two and took it home leaving behind his possible ex
Partners who pay and explain.
,xa0Polish the canopy with methylation spirits.
It drops onto his pants and then onto the indicator.
His pants were on fire, but we couldn't get him to "stop, roll" or take off his pants because he was free.
-This bottle is $79.
But it should be $790. 00.
The customer is really arrogant and has been insisting that he get it for a printed price.
I gave him a glass of champagne, an extra lesson, anything that made him happy, but he was an arrogant beast.
He finally said to me, "Man, I'll call your boss on Monday to get you fired . " I replied, "Man, then I'll talk to you on Monday.
"He's the only one I 've ever abandoned.
When he got up and left, everyone in the restaurant applauded.
Make a nap in the morningen-
The location of his department.
The customer found it in their Caesar salad.
The first month.
I pulled the staff aside and said that from now on, every employee we lost, the cost of replacing the staff will be deducted from their tip.
I don't think we have lost another one.
No one really wants to find it.
Even if they order thin coffee.
When I cleaned the stove
This Monday, my boss sent me a message saying that she took the big grill plate and soaked it. can I put it back?
I don't know. it weighs about 40 kilograms.
So I pushed it to that place, but then it slipped down and somehow it suddenly went straight into that place and my fingers were still there.
It was too heavy for me to lift one hand.
So I looked at the clock at seven. 30am.
The first person didn't go in half an hour.
Of course, at this moment, I realized that my phone was hanging in a jacket pocket 10 metres away.
In another direction, the landline is 10 metres.
What can I do?
I reach out to get the knife, anything I can use like a lever. Nothing.
So I pulled the trash can and sat down and waited.
The longest half hour of my life.
We took a lot of effort to get him vegetarian but one day the waitress came back with his order and ate half
There are a dozen oysters on it.
I told her that she made a mistake, but she insisted that it was correct.
She went back to review and he said yes, he can eat oysters because they don't have eyes.
That was the last time I made vegetarian food for him. .
She thought they were swimming around the sea.
A few days later, she said, we left her with a lifetime of psychological trauma;
Apparently, she saw the tentacles in her sleep. .
The pastry chef wanted to teach him a lesson and ask him to chop up flour for muffins.
He was cutting the dish and in order to make it soft I told him to make sure he didn't cut it or it would change color.
So, when he went to the toilet, another chef added the ginger powder, so when he started chopping the ginger powder again, the ginger powder became more and more yellow.
He's a broken man.
Very wealthy and influential businessmen often visit.
On a special night, a high
The profile merchant organized a surprise birthday dinner for his wife and booked a table for their closest 20 people.
He even inscribed her name on the icing.
Unfortunately, we booked two or three birthdays separately this evening and we accidentally took the wrong cake.
It also has a name on the icing, but it's a complete coincidence that it's the husband's name
The word "mistress", the entire party, including the wife, has been turning a blind eye to her for years.
Really awkward.
The food was prepared for the royal wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, the Queen's best silver buffet.
My character is simple: slice various gorgeous stuffed pheasant ballotines, game pate, and terrine en croute on a silver platter.
They were exquisite so I decided to transfer them to the silver plate, cut them carefully and fan them out.
They look spectacular.
Everyone commented and congratulated me.
I was blown for days.
The following week we received a letter from Buckingham Palace, which we thought was a thank you but was actually a serious complaint that someone had broken the Queen's silverware.
Apparently the vandals left a special mark, and there was a lot of gossip around the hotel, what was that Mark?
It turns out that this mark is a perfect rectangular cut-very fine perfect line.
Just then I realized I was the culprit because I had cut the body straight into silver.
It's not a mysterious vandalism, it's just a rookie mistake of an apprentice that ruined the Queen's silverware.
When the royal family found out that there was no disgruntled employee in the stable, I was given a royal pardon.
Celebrate his birthday before noon on weekdays.
I gave him a pint of his favorite beer at home, and then he quickly drank two pints of cider.
He went on to eat a dozen oysters and steak.
Halfway through the steak, he went to the bathroom and when he came back he said an ominous word to me, "I think you 'd better get someone to clean it up.
"He vomited all over the floor. only these were left. he went back to eat steak.
No apology at all.
I have to clean it myself.
He then went home and wrote on our Facebook page that the oysters had fallen off and the level of hospitality had really dropped.
When we closed
He also looks like a very nice person-he says he just keeps wondering what it feels like after the restaurant is closed.
He drinks staff drinks with us.
He has big ears, so we call him Russell.
He often comes to the kitchen in other people's clothes from the dressing room.
Often don't wear socks and wear two pairs of right
A bird with enough feet.
We were troubled for months by being used as hospital [hospitality.
One night there was a table for two missing upstairs.
We couldn't find them anywhere until someone tried to run the food out of the back stairs and met them with a close moment.
They thought it was an empty staircase, but it was actually an internal staircase that we came out of the kitchen.
-Naturally a male customer who ordered a rib-
Every time he comes in, the eye steak is rare.
He came about once a week so he was definitely a regular but he always ordered the steak and he always complained that the steak was rare and not medium rare and sent it back.
It turned into a ceremony that almost drove the chef crazy.
So one week, the customer finally said it was medium.
The first time was rare and all the kitchen staff were very happy with it.
Interestingly, we have never seen him again.
But just before it was sent out, the chef knocked it off the bench and destroyed it.
The restaurant owner is a cunning woman. she painted the rotten cake and then came out of the kitchen to sing. xa0Happy Birthdayxa0As loud as possible.
Then her Foreman did what she told her to do and hit her on purpose.
The cake has gone up and the owner has gone up. just in front of the table, the cake is prepared for it.
The table jumped up and rushed to help the owner of the place instead of worrying about the cake.
She apologized thousands of times with tears in her eyes, but they just wanted to make sure the lady was okay . . . . . . Leave clean!
,xa0I used to love parties, but there was some real potential.
In the first three days of his first three days in one of the toughest kitchens I 've ever seen, we received a call from the Sydney City police station asking if we had a name called "John Doe
Apparently after a night in town, he went out for breakfast with his companions and made a runner-but he left his bag behind, there is his TAFE book proudly printed with his name and place of work.
We put our fear of God on him, saying that the police were coming to arrest him, and that if he wanted to sleep in his own bed tonight, he would have better go down and pay that man to retrieve his property.
He ran down in uniform and came back before serving.
He has been called a "criminal" since that day ".
Two very good.
Men dressed in Nepalese clothes came to the restaurant outside the street.
We mentioned that there are only a few hours for a person.
They were all tried and looked just as good, so we chose one person and apologized to the other.
They all showed up the next week.
We said there was only one job and the guys just nodded with a smile and continued to work.
The next day, the same thing, the things after . . . . . . Another job started two weeks later and they were happy to join the team . . . . . . It was an interesting way to start eight years later and there was no hand in the kitchen.
2, never really hired in the first place, was one of my main chefs and was my current 2016 employees for the year in the team.
It's a nice restaurant.
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