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diet for cancer patients - foods to eat and avoid in cancer - dishes to avoid soy at a sushi restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-14
diet for cancer patients - foods to eat and avoid in cancer  -  dishes to avoid soy at a sushi restaurant
If a person has cancer, the need for nutrition increases due to damage to body cells.
People should eat a balanced diet and meet their nutritional needs by eating a balanced diet instead of eating junk food.
There are many people who are advised to take a specific diet during treatment, and even after the treatment is completed, the doctor may recommend following the dietary guidelines.
Some of the basic requirements of diet are to avoid saturated fat: you should eat a diet with low saturated fat.
The growth and development of cancer cells requires bad cholesterol.
Products containing saturated fat contain harmful cholesterol.
Saturated fat forms low-density cholesterol, forms plaques on the inner wall of the artery, reduces the thickness of the artery, and prevents blood flowing to various parts of the body.
You should take edible oil that contains omega 3 fatty acids and monosaturated fats instead of hydrogen edible oil with high saturated fat content, which will also increase the risk of cancer.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C is needed in order to prevent the attack of carcinogens on the human body.
Citrus fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C.
Beta-carotene: beta-carotene is a substance that exists in fruits and vegetables and has anti-cancer properties.
When it releases a chemical substance containing tumor necrosis factor, it helps to improve the immune system of the human body.
Including vegetables and fruits: a large number of raw fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants should be included in the diet.
Cross-Flower vegetables can reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer and should be taken in moderation.
The diet is rich in antioxidants, ind alcohol, isosulfur Blue salt and plant chemicals, which can reduce people's risk of cancer.
Flax seeds are rich in omega fatty acids and are considered beneficial to health.
Mediterranean and Greek food is rich in vegetables, and women in these areas have the least cases of breast cancer.
Eating large amounts of fruit, seafood, vegetables, nuts and beans can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
Protein: protein is needed to repair tissue damaged by tumor cells, and soy products can be included to get a large amount of protein.
Selenium: you should include foods rich in selenium because it has anti-cancer properties.
Selenium is found in cereals, brown rice, chicken, garlic and sunflower seeds.
If the patient is treated for breast cancer, the diet should include toast and yogurt in the breakfast.
Take plenty of liquid during the day and take low-fat yogurt to prevent fat build-up.
Reduce the intake of fried dishes and even avoid a high-fiber diet until you have constipation.
Again, you can plan your lunch and dinner with low-fat food.
Vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, green beans, pumpkin, radish, broccoli and broccoli are included in the diet.
Apricots, tomatoes, oranges, mangoes, lemons, grapes, blueberries and yam can be eaten in fruits.
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