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design your own porcelain dinnerware the guideline to use manufacturing services in china

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
1.Take the time to build a good relationship with your Chinese counterparts.Absolute trust must be established because the Chinese have limited confidence in the legal/court system.It takes time to build trust.Planning at this stage of the process will take at least six months of continuous dialogue.Build the right business structure for your relationship in China.2.Build the right management structure for your relationship in China.The road to China is full of companies that try to be single-handedly and fail.There are many ways to do this, including turningKey businesses, using agents in China, using several different types of joint ventures, have their own factories.Savings increase as you continue to go through this list, but risk increases as well.3.Find Chinese partners with strong quality and process control.You cannot rely on ISO certificationInternational Organization for standardizing.QS certification (for the automotive industry) is more reliable.Find out if your potential partners can quickly qualify for manufacturing that meets your standards.If your potential manufacturer is well below the standard you are asking for, then the time it takes to speed up can be prohibitive.On the contrary, if your potential partner is too big or of too high quality,If you don't represent an important part of their business, you may not be able to get the attention you need.You don't want to be their "low priority" customer.This is the best match when you find a small manufacturer that has just reached your quality control level.In the process, our database of Chinese manufacturers will help you.4.Both sides need engineering.Examine the high-tech capabilities of manufacturers.Looking for their web pages and CADCam function in particular.5.Plan a routine trip to China.You need to go twice a year to get a "face-to-face time" to build and maintain relationships in China unless you're looking for a "turn around"key,\" \"hands-"Rest" arrangement.6.Understand logistics.For example, if you are going to ship by sea, expect 6-8 week allowance for the delivery of the product.Therefore, the inventory system may not work in a timely manner.To support your customers, you need to maintain a higher level of inventory.It's also useful to keep your back-up US supplier.7.Learn the rules of thumb for manufacturing costs in China.Labor costs, for example, are usually dollars.£ 50 per hour, the labor force for manufacturing costs is usually £ 5%.In general, your manufacturing costs can be reduced by 30% to 50% depending on the structure of the relationship (see second paragraph ).Similarly, the cost of raw materials in China will be significantly reduced.8.Recognize the importance of family relations in China.Business networks are based on family relationships.e.The factory is father. 11 relatives work in it.The factory may involve the whole family, which helps them reduce the impact of the sudden loss of key employees, but may not always be the most productive organizational structure.While you may find it inefficient, this is the fact of life --Not a problem you can solve.\" 9.Actively participate in social activities.In China, business is carried out more through social interaction.Dinner, drinking, tourism and sightseeing are all part of everyday business and are very important for building relationships and building the trust necessary to do business in China.10.Political connections are important to speed up business processes.Government offices are under control.Almost everything, including a business license, needs their approval.Gifts are part of social activities.The business is also complex.Give them generously and accept them gracefully.
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