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Delhi's Bukhara is 46th best restaurant in the world - mekenita restaurant signature dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-11-02
Delhi\'s Bukhara is 46th best restaurant in the world  -  mekenita restaurant signature dishes
The British restaurant is known for its signature dishes, such as "snail porridge", which, as the best restaurant in the world, was knocked down from its habitat Wood, an honor to the South
London: a British restaurant known for its strange signature dishes, such as the "snail Gate", was hit from its habitat Wood as the best restaurant in the world, this honor and Bukhara of Delhi arrived on the 46 th this time.
El Bulli, located near Rosas in northern Spain, regained the title of the First World 50 Best Restaurants Award in 2002, swapping positions with last year's top restaurant "Fat Duck, in the village of Bray in west London.
A British newspaper critic once described the Spanish restaurant as "cooking nirvana", which has since ranked among the top three with its experimental scientific approach known as molecular cuisine.
It is said that diners eager to taste 43-booked solid months in advanceyear-
Old chef Ferran Adria's Michelin threestar cooking.
Spain performed strongly in the award, organized by the Restaurant magazine, and unveiled the cream of the culinary world at the ceremony of the Science Museum in London.
San Sebastian's Villante Arzak in northern Spain ranks ninth, followed by the top-ranked new entrants and their close neighbor, Mugaritz, 10 years old, Can Fabes in San Siro near Barcelona, 11 points.
Three of Britain's top 20 restaurants;
Four in France, including the choice of chef of Paris Pierre gagner;
Five in the United States, including the best restaurants in the United States and four French laundry rooms in California. Italy had one --
Rome's tallest climber, gambeiro Roso, is 13 years old. -
Tetsuya restaurant in Sydney was rated as the best restaurant in Australia and ranked fifth.
It is said that the best restaurant in the Middle East and Africa is La Combe in Cape Town, South Africa.
The list is on the 28 th.
Last year, the only representative of Asia, Hong Kong restaurant Felix, slipped from the list despite London-
The Japanese-based Nobu restaurant performed well at 12: 00.
The award is based on the assessment of 560 judges around the world.
Voting has been changed this year to prevent complaints from happening again in London
In 2005, 14 restaurants in the British capital ranked among the top 50.
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