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Deep Sea Anglerfish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Deep Sea Anglerfish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
The deep sea ang fish looks very scary and weird and is sometimes referred to as "normal Black Devils ".
In addition to its appearance, there are many other interesting facts about this fish, such as its prey and breeding patterns, which will be discussed in this article.
Ang fish is one of the most strange fish.
Fish living on the upper and bottom of the ocean. .
Some of these families live in the deep sea, while others live in the shallow water. .
The fish is named for its unique way of feeding.
It has fleshy growth sprouting from the middle of the head.
This growth is similar to a fishing rod and is used as a bait to attract prey.
This is considered to be a bit similar to the behavior of fishing, hence the name "anglerfish ".
About 200 ang fish can be found in the oceans around the world.
The deep sea ang fish looks fierce and weird, although it is not very large in size.
This ugly fish has won the title of "ordinary black devil" for its ugly appearance.
What makes the fish look terrible is its big mouth and sharp sidelike teeth.
The teeth of Ang fish look more frightening than the teeth of sharks.
The ugly fish has a round body that looks like a basketball.
The length of the mother fish can reach about 20 cm, while the male fish is very small and it is difficult to grow to about 3 cm.
The body color of this fish can be dark gray, brown or black, and its skin can reflect blue light.
This, in turn, helps the fish to remain invisible to other deep sea animals, as blue light is emitted by almost all living glowing fish or deep sea creatures.
There is one or more filament in the center of the head of the fish.
These are modified thorns of the front dorsal fin, but look like filaments.
Usually, the longest filament is the first spine or illicium that protrudes above the eye, and then terminates at the tip of the spine with an irregular mass of meat, which is called "esca ".
It's basically a bait that can move back and forth in all directions.
The spine attached to this filament
Growth can also move.
As has been mentioned, this fish has an extraordinary pattern of predators.
It basically attracts prey with its bait or the longest filament.
Fish basically catch prey with the help of the light emitted by esca.
This bio-glow is the result of a large number of bacteria entering the esca and producing blue or green light.
The fish waved the bait back and forth while not moving, waiting for the prey to approach its mouth.
The special spine attached to the bait can also be moved by the fish in any direction.
Also, "esca" is related to oral reflex, so when the prey touches it, the fish can immediately snap the prey with its powerful chin and swallow it.
The fish's teeth bend inward and it cannot escape once the prey enters the mouth.
Anglerfish can swallow prey about twice the size of the body as it has the ability to expand the chin and stomach to an incredible size.
This unique ability can be attributed to its thin and flexible bones.
The breeding method of Ang fish is unique and unique.
The common fish is much smaller than the mother fish and looks very different.
Men are usually not bigger than little fingers.
Its color is black and its color is good.
With its help, it can detect the smell of women in the water.
Because of its small size, the male cannot find food effectively in the deep sea, and once sexual maturity is reached, its digestive system begins to deteriorate.
All these factors make it urgent for males to find females and spouses.
It can detect the height of the parent fish with the help of the sex hormone
Sensitive olfactory organs
When a male finds a female, it is attached to her body with its small hooklike teeth.
The male then bites the female's skin and releases an enzyme that dissolves the skin of the mouth.
The enzyme also dissolves the skin of her body, and then the fish and blood vessels merge together.
The male then slowly lost all parts of the body, except for a pair of genitals.
When the female is ready to release the eggs, they release the sperm.
Therefore, the male is still attached to the female and draws nutrients from her body like a parasite.
In this way, female fish can carry up to six male fish.
This strange breeding method ensures that she doesn't have to look for a male when the female is ready to spawn because he already has it.
After fertilization, females lay eggs in thin, transparent, glue-like flakes, which can be 2 to 3 feet wide and about 25 to 30 feet long.
The egg slices float in the water until the eggs hatch into larvae.
Larvae usually feed on the sea until they mature.
So, deep sea ang fish is really a unique fish, not only from its appearance and the way of hunting prey, but also from the way it breeds.
When scientists noticed that all the ang fish they caught were females, this particular breeding method was found, and almost all ang fish had parasites attached to them.
Later, they found that, in their view, the parasite was actually the remains of the male ang fish.
They then introduced this unique replication model.
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