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Day of the Dead comes to Launceston this Friday, Saturday - mexican restaurant menu side dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Day of the Dead comes to Launceston this Friday, Saturday  -  mexican restaurant menu side dishes
Halloween is not the only excuse to wear clothes this weekend.
The San guacamo Festival of the Dead festival is back again, bringing 3000-year-
Old Mexican holidays on Friday and Saturday go to the Launceston Quadrant Mall.
Traditionally celebrated death day on November 2, and is world-famous for its lavish costumes and facial paintings.
Marcel Ritchie, owner of sacred avocado sauce, said that unlike Halloween, free activities are more about giving and getting together with family and friends, that's why this year's event will also support the city's mission.
"This is a very important Mexican cultural activity," he said . "
"It's more about celebrating life than about sadness and mourning the death of a loved one.
"It's about giving back and creating
Inclusive activities that bring people into the community.
"Not everything is about making money.
"We will support local charities so we can see where the money is going.
On Friday, the staff of San guacamolai will start a live music show at six o'clock P. M. and get serious in full-face paint and clothing.
There will be entertainment for the whole family from eleven o'clock A. M. to nine o'clock P. M. on Saturday, including a face --
Painting Competition, jumping castle, balloon spinning device, ice creamxa0Food and drinks for adults.
This will be the third year of the Mexican restaurant's death day celebration, but for the first time, it will include a family --
Friendly activities on Saturday.
"We want to disappoint as many children as possible," said Mr Ritchie . ".
"This year is more about making the event more inclusive for the whole family.
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