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cutlery for a fine dining table - - crockery and cutlery for restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-09
cutlery for a fine dining table -  -  crockery and cutlery for restaurants
Next to the plate on the left is a fork.
Usually you line up harpoon, salad fork and harpoon.
The first one is for eating fish bones and removing them.
If shrimp cocktails are served, this fork will be with that dish.
The salad fork is in the middle, smaller and heavier than the meat fork, less than one point.
Keep in mind that this fork is only for salads and should not be used with the main course.
The meat fork, or dinner fork, is the largest fork in the innermost, which will be placed next to the plate.
These forks will always be provided on the table and will never be provided in the corresponding course.
The other side of the plate is the knife, which is used to cut meat and the main course.
This will be the largest of the existing cutters.
There will be fish knives in the middle, although fish knives may not be provided according to the seafood supplied.
Knives always set sharp edges away from other guests.
The outside of the knife is a spoon of soup, which is placed there because it is usually the first tableware to be used after the appetizer.
The largest spoon on the table, it will be about the same size as the fork and knife for the main course.
On a small plate higher than a fork, placed at a slight angle, it is a butter knife.
The blade will be down, this knife is only for butter bread or rolls, it will stay on the bread plate even if you use it.
The cake fork and dessert spoon are parallel to the plate, and the pieces are placed in different directions.
The teaspoon is also a dessert fork, use it if coffee is served.
While cake forks and salad forks may be of the same type, please note that the location of this fork only indicates that it is a dessert.
There may be no dessert tableware on the table;
If not, then these will be provided when they provide dessert.
This is the most common tableware for gourmet food.
While there are a lot of cutlery to choose from, many of them have specialized functions and depend on the type of food provided.
If in doubt, use the tableware farthest from the plate first.
The basics of tableware can give you the confidence to have a good meal in the right way.
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