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by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
Economic repair of chair side of aesthetic ceramics (CEREC)®) Completely changed the dental procedure.Traditionally, multiple surgeries and a lot of waiting time are required if Crown, high inlays, inlays or dental veneers are required to repair damaged teethThis is inevitable.CEREC®Complete these ceramic repairs within minutes of the dental office.This means that many treatments can be done in one visit.CEREC®It consists of several computers.Auxiliary design (CAD) tools and milling machines for manufacturing custom ceramic repair devices.CEREC®It can benefit almost anyone who needs ceramic repair.This has great benefits for patients with nervous tension and can also reduce the cost of treatment.How can CEREC:®Good for me?CEREC®It can benefit almost anyone who needs ceramic repair.Exceptions include patients who previously had a history of broken ceramic equipment and patients who had a deep bite.CEREC®The equipment has been proven to be available for more than 5 years, but recent studies have shown that most CEREC®-The restoration of creation lasted more than 10 years.

What is CEREC:®By? System of composition
CEREC®The system is sometimes called CAD-CAM system.CAD-CAM refers to computer-aided design and computer-aided milling.CEREC®There are three main components of the system: Acquisition Equipment: this equipment is a highHigh quality camera and medical grade computer.The function of this unit is to shoot the prepared teeth.Three-The teeth on the screen produce a size image that the dentist uses to design the perfect ceramic restoration.Three-Size CAD software: This software allows the dentist to check the teeth from all angles.This is the closest thing to holding the tooth in your hand and rotating it.Milling equipment: the device actually manufactures custom fixes based on specifications entered into the computer.Select the ceramic block most similar to the color of the existing teeth and put it into the unit.Within a few minutes, the milling unit produces a restoration designed by the dentist.What is CEREC?®What is the recovery procedure involved?The first step in this process is to prepare the teeth for repair.Depending on your specific situation, the dentist will use one of CEREC's teeth to take photos of the affected teeth®Two imaging schemesIf CEREC is used®Omnicam, the dentist will take a few photos of the teeth and send a three photosSize, color model of CEREC®Machine.If CEREC is used®Bluecam, the dentist will apply a contrast to the tooth before taking the image of the tooth.The images are transferred to the computer screen and the dentist will view the teeth from all angles and design the final restoration.When the design is completed, it will be transferred to the milling unit.
The dentist will insert a piece of ceramic in the milling machine that matches the color of your teeth, and then the milling machine will produce full crown, inlay or veneer.Before pasting the restoration onto the teeth, the dentist performs a dry fit to ensure comfort.Once the perfect fit is established, the restoration will be polished and fixed to the teeth with dental cement.If you have any questions about CEREC®Or for more information about this innovative technology, please contact our office.
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