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crock pot dinnerware ceramic soup bowls Cooking in Crock Pot vs Stove-Oven vs Dutch Oven

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
crock pot dinnerware ceramic soup bowls Cooking in Crock Pot vs Stove-Oven vs Dutch Oven
I found this antique.
Spend $5 looking for a pot from a thrift store!
Although I admit I was happy with my findings when I brought the tank home, I was stuck with the problem.
How does the pot work?
Does it really save a lot of energy, heat and cooking time?
What can I do with it other than stew?
As it becomes more and more popular, do you think the pot is an essential cooker?
I asked for some advice in order to better understand its usage.
My aunt Eva Fernández said: "I really don't think about making real cooking with your jars, but I don't care.
This is very, very convenient for me, and will not make pisik-
Pisik (splatters ).
You can open it overnight and the meat becomes tender.
It won't burn your cooking because it won't absorb all the liquid!
But it depends on what your putahi (dish) is.
"I really don't like cooking," said my aunt Quinia Mendez.
In fact, let me do other chores instead of just cooking.
But when I used to work, I was the first to go home and I was forced to cook.
I have a can tank and I only use it to a minimum.
I just use it for stewing and keep my "Ding uguan" pork stewing blood warm.
I rarely use the oven because I don't make special dishes.
My recipe is very simple & I have been using my best friend --
"Kaldero" frying pan and "kaha" frying pan.
Many people say that a can or slow cooker is the most convenient way to prepare "hot" meals.
It doesn't need much food preparation, so the labor force is reduceddown.
Everything is thrown into the cooker and placed at low temperatures and you will take care of the business from the kitchen for a long time.
My friend Lindy Lopez said: "When I was young, I was used to having a family assistant prepare a family meal three times a day, and I was just too lazy to cook by myself.
I go out and get-outs or order-
Lots of pizza and squid.
I got a can jar from my sister as a gift that says --
"Dear Linde, this can at least cook for you.
My friend Cris Nanola said: "I was broken by your tank pot problem. Lol!
Yes, I used to love my crockpot.
Well, at least a few months before buying it.
I have a smooth black and stainless steel
Beautiful and practical.
I might use it.
Stewed Beef 3 times a week.
I love the idea, plug it in and forget about the crockpot plug so I can do something else.
When the food is cooked, I can even go to the grocery store for shopping without anyone looking at it, and I will come back in a few hours to have a ready-made meal.
I also like one of its features, it keeps the food warm for a long time even after turning it off, I can even take my crockpot somewhere else without having to do it again
Perfect for dinner-together.
However, this is also time consuming, as it does not cook as slowly as traditional or regular cooking stoves. Boring, lol!
Personally, I prefer stove cooking because I like to see my meals during the cooking process.
I also felt more satisfying watching and taking care of my cooking than simply throwing it into the crockpot.
Did I answer your question?
Yes, I think it's convenient.
Again, depending on what you're doing?
I stewed soup with it.
Do I have a Dutch oven?
Yes, but not traditional cast iron.
Mine is the ordinary casserole I use a lot.
Some people claim they don't have time to cook and are reluctant to think about what to eat for dinner.
For the person holding the knife, it will not be the most popular gadget in the kitchen.
My cousin Marni said: "I tremble when I see the grease in the food.
Cooking with a can pot is to avoid using cooking oil as much as possible.
I removed the excess oil from the meat.
My cousin Amy Fernandez said: "I don't have a can.
It consumes too much electricity. It\'s not in-style.
I heard it was really good to stew in casserole.
A lot of people's tanks are still one of the electric kitchen equipment that needs to be considered, because we are back to an era where cans can save us in our daily homes and work.
My cousin, Michelle Otto, said, "Mom has one.
Mom used to use it once in a while.
Now she's gone.
When she is busy, you put the ingredients on the night before to start cooking until the next day.
The pot is easy.
All you have to do is add ingredients. No sautéing.
Cooking, you have to stay in the kitchen, baby it.
Pot: when you come back from work, the food is ready and ready to eat.
(I didn't use a pot, but I always wanted to use it.
I like the stove oven because I am more of a baker than a baker on the stove. top-cooker.
Babies sit too much on the stove, though faster.
My "cooking" version is a nanny for more than 6 minutes, or if it involves a lot of shredding.
Using the oven, you can mix the ingredients or put them into the meat, peeping to test doneness or flip it over.
In this way, I can wash my clothes or do other things at the same time.
Stew is my mother's favorite dish.
What is the Dutch oven? ! ?
Haha (show how much cooking I did!
My mom said she wouldn't use it.
Once and a blue moon.
When she was doing Kare
Why is the stove/oven the main appliance for each household?
Although there are many microwave ovens, convection ovens and coffee machines, do you still need a stove and an oven?
Will it be a less important unit in your kitchen?
As a result, some homes do not need bulky stoves that take up square space in the kitchen.
They can make as many stoves as possible that can be provided to portable and multi
Microwave and toaster-oven.
But do you really want to give up your stove? I guess not.
First of all, it provides a wider space for the quantity and quality of cooking.
Tray side by side, bake side by side, bake side by side, very convenient.
Second, this is the most common way we cook.
So we help save our trees and don't need firewood.
Many people like to cook but hate cleaning. So what now?
Cleaning always ends with one person, catching up with the chaos in the kitchen, * sighing *.
Maintaining the appearance of the home stove and oven is not a task that you will find reasonable.
There is no excuse if you want your stove/oven to work well and to prevent the maturity of the smell of poultry produced by the burning of grease and old food.
A thorough well
Keep the stove, especially the oven, and make the cooking shine.
"Kaldero" or Dutch oven is something that many families in the Philippines use to cook.
I don't know what the name "Dutch Oven" was originally called.
It is simply identified as "pot" or "pot ".
Again, I don't have one abroad, so I asked my sister to help me take pictures.
In the Philippines, people pay more attention to electricity consumption.
The gas stove is still very popular, and the traditional "abuhan" ash kitchen surfaced.
Or on the ground, the iron pan is either placed on three large stones paved with each other, on an iron mesh or pot rack made of clay using scrap/floating wood and "uling" charcoal.
Portable super energy-saving electronic stoves are also available. This old-
Time cookers (cooking containers sound more historic) do make food cooking valuable.
I mean the value of time, energy and taste.
In addition to the durability of the pot, the heat is evenly distributed, allowing any cooked food to maintain a longer heat.
So make it a very unique wok that can be used for a long time. tone-
Ancient Civilization
After returning from skilled hunting,
The change of fire is slow.
Including wild cooking methodsroot plants. 5000 BC -3000 BC -
Pottery was developed in America.
2000 BC to 500 AD-
The old slow cooking method is usually carried out in the open space and home of well-known families.
The wok is made of a large amount of molten metal (cast iron), stone or hard clay.
This heavy cooker began in ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and was later adapted to different cultures in Egypt, Africa and Asia.
This is a vessel that is used to cook and slowly cook all poultry for hunting such as ducks, farmers, qu, pheasant and pigeons, as well as hard meat for turtles, rabbits, goats, breeding of sheep, boars and other domestic animals involved in cooking for a long time.
Barbecue is also a popular way to make food.
Slow cooking includes a variety of nutritious root vegetables for soups and other plants, such as corn, barley, rice and wheat.
Fish are rich, but prefer dry, salty, or smoked;
This is the special dish of the nobles (although now we like to stew or boil fish in a pot ).
Big pot and other iron pot
Its purpose is not limited to food, but the oversized jars are also used to boil water to take a bath.
), These pots are hung on large hooks strong enough to hold them on the wood
Use in a burning afterfire or indoors.
We saw many of these iron-casting pots in medieval films. Over-
Also used to immerse humans in the boiling water, against their eternal faith in God, those accused of witchcraft, and criminal executions as one of the death penalty.
A few years later, the West began using tin cans as a lighter alternative.
Cauldrons become a unique symbol of fairy tales/children's stories, legends and folk traditions in witchcraft and foreign teachings.
These pots appear as cooking utensils in the slow brewing of witch spells and the potion of the clever female heretic, extracting effective herbs as healing magic.
Start by copying and enhancing the Dutch.
An Englishman named Abraham Darby went to the Netherlands to adapt to the knowledge of the hot pot craft and bring the concept back to the UK.
He called the iron pot the Dutch oven. -
Blacksmith skills are also used to make iron cooking utensils.
There are more brass and copper cookware supplies in Europe and Asia (except for ceramic wood and clay cookware ).
19 th and 20 th centuries
It is one of the precious cookware made of glazed porcelain.
Progress has also been made in stainless steel and aluminum.
It became famous for cooking hard or dry beans, soups and stews for a long time. -
West Bend in Wisconsin was the first person to officially make a bean pot;
It is called "bean pot ".
Next is the Nexans utility in Chicago, Illinois.
Nanksson has developed all the narksen beans. Purpose Cooker. 1970 -
The rival company took over the Nexans and reinvented the Nexans cooker.
) Name of opponent WackerPot.
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