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Couldn't be topped: Inventor of Hawaiian pizza Sam Panopolous dies aged 83 - italian restaurants dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Couldn\'t be topped: Inventor of Hawaiian pizza Sam Panopolous dies aged 83  -  italian restaurants dish
Ofxa0Greek immigrants who invented Hawaiian pizza in a Canadian restaurant have died. He was 83.
Sam Panopoulos created his original work
Italian food was popular in 1962.
In an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC on February, Mr. panopolus said that his first addition of pineapple to pizza was as an experiment.
"Along the way, we threw some pineapples on it and nobody liked it at first," he said . ".
But after that, they were crazy about it.
Because in those days, no one mixed candy with acid.
This is an ordinary food.
He said that when he opened his restaurant, most Canadians had never been exposed to pizza, when the knowledge of food had just begun to cross the border from the United States.
But while the pineapple on the pizza has its supporters, it has attracted some famous critics.
On February, Iceland's president, Gudni johnniston, said he wanted to be able to ban the fruit as a pizza ingredient, which made panoporos a positive defense of his creation.
He said that Mr. Johannes only sells fish, probably jealous fish, because there are never as many pizza ingredients as pineapples.
In 1954, Mr. panporos and his brothers immigrated to Canada and opened several restaurants.
He died in a hospital in Ontario on June 8, shortly after celebrating his diamond wedding anniversary with his wife Christina.
His obituary says Mr panopolus has an "unforgettable" personality.
It reads: "He is very loyal and protective, he has a frank and Frank sense of humor, and his thriving laughter and outspoken honesty will be missed by his family, friends, former employees and customers.
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