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Confessions from a Meat-eater: Favorite Filling Vegetarian Recipes - restaurant vegetarian dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-28
Confessions from a Meat-eater: Favorite Filling Vegetarian Recipes  -  restaurant vegetarian dishes
More than a year ago, my fiancé©(Now husband) go home one night and announce that in his efforts to lose weight, at least to some extent, he wants to be vegetarian.
I was shocked at the beginning. he is the definition of meat and potatoes.
I was excited when I got over the idea-
I had vegetarian food for a while in high school and since then I always liked vegetables instead of meat when picking food.
I never thought about making a vegetarian meal for my meat.
I love this guy so I'm happy to take on this task.
Our loose plan is to make vegetarian food in a week, but eat meat on weekends, especially when eating out.
Now, after about a year and a half of delicious vegetarian food, I show you our first choice for filling up.
No side dishes here.
The main reason I like this recipe is because it makes me think of sweet potatoes and broccoli in a new way.
To be honest, I don't think I like either of these two before the whole vegan experiment starts, but the way they are prepared --
The vegetables are baked in the oven-
Used spicesCumin-
The vegetables are really delicious.
For vegetarian dishes, there is usually a lot of preparation for chopped vegetables, which is correct, but once they get into the oven, it is smooth to walk around for the first time.
After the vegetables are baked, you assemble the layers --
Grilled vegetables, spinach, cheese, corn (or flour) tortillas-
Then throw the oven back.
Sour cream and/or avocado sauce is good but not a must.
This is a very beautiful dish, which is very suitable for guests.
The orange color of sweet potatoes, the green color of spinach and the red salsa sauce are a vibrant, visually tempting meal. -
This recipe needs half a cauliflower, but I use it all over the top.
Also, sometimes when I do, I use the Burano pepper as mentioned before, and I use the green pepper at other times. 2. )-
Unlike the first recipe, this recipe doesn't look special when it's madeat all.
But wow looks like a lie because it's so delicious.
Also, unlike the suggestion to add a bunch of sour cream to the first recipe, I insist that you add a little sour cream and layer this chili on the white rice bed.
You don't need too much rice and sour cream, but they really make the whole chili a meal.
The fresh avocado block is also great, I always add it to my avocado block, but don't put it in my husband's avocado block because he doesn't like the avocado block.
The recipe requires a 16-ounce can of green salsa.
The green salsa sauce in my grocery store has only one spicy one, so I added it carefully, about 1/3 in the jar, but it does enhance the taste of the pepper, so I suggest adding at least a few tablespoons.
It was one of the many meals I made and then we enjoyed it as leftovers in a few weeks. -
I always add extra rewards to green vegetables, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sugar beans, kale --
Every time I make this recipe, there are different special guests. 3. -
OK, I don't know how healthy this dish looks because the vegetables are cooked in oil, but how bad will it be for you when one dish has three vegetables?
This is the focus of preparation.
You need matchsticks for all three vegetables, but I'm a little cheating.
I would suggest using a peeler on a carrot and making long flakes instead of making matches with it.
It changed the preparation and I found it easier to peel carrots.
Zucchini and potatoes can easily be taken from this amateur chef --
They don't need to be perfect.
Throw them in a bowl with eggs, flour and spices and cook them with oil in a frying pan.
Now, it's a bit tricky to make pancakes in this way, especially if your cutting skills are not perfect (because of my imperfections ).
You can put all the pancakes in a frying pan at the same time, and then form the pancakes on the baking tray.
In the end, the eggs are cooked on each pancake, which will help to put the eggs together.
My husband and I made enough two pancakes because The Leftovers didn't work very well for this meal and one pancake per person was enough.
We used a full zucchini, a potato and a carrot, and the two big pancakes were enough.
So you only need three eggs.
Batter one and then one on top of the pancake ). -
After making this recipe several times, I chose a slightly simpler approach.
First of all, I use pre-
Slice carrots in a bag at the grocery store.
Cut one thing less!
Also, I am using a vegetable screw for zucchini now.
Also, I have managed to make this recipe into a hash in a cast iron frying pan instead of trying to make a separate pancake.
Cook the hash on the stove, break a few eggs on it and put it in the oven until the eggs are cooked. 4.
The genius of this recipe is that you can put it on the meat.
I don't tell them it's a vegetarian diet.
When quinoa absorbs the classic pepper flavor, it tastes like ground meat --
Tomato, chili powder, pepper, onion, etc.
It really plans to make a joke on your mouth.
Add corn and beans and the meal is great and you won't miss the meat!
You can put a little cheese on it if you want, but honestly you don't need it.
This is another meal that you can make a big pot, and the leftovers of the week can also be eaten.
I usually make a lot of meat for me.
Dear dad and brother, they know it's meat
Free but they don't care, they like it! -
We also added half a red pepper and half a green pepper.
I don't usually add avocado as suggested in the original recipe, but I believe it's delicious.
I just don't think it needs it.
This vegetarian experiment has become a way of life for us, but we continue to eat meat and now we have started again
Added meat recipes to our vegetarian recipes.
In general, I try to doto-
When I plan my meal, the ratio of a meat recipe to a vegetarian recipe.
This experiment enables us to make vegetables the main character of most foods.
Even if I found the meat
I often add a second vegetable in the middle to make it more vegetablecentric.
Overall, we tried the new recipe and added more vegetables to our diet and had a great time.
It may be a bit challenging to find a vegetarian meal, but all four foods are full and great.
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