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compile your own customized cookbook at - the dish restaurant address

by:Two Eight     2019-09-21
compile your own customized cookbook at  -  the dish restaurant address
Cooking books are popular all over the world and even online all the year round.
A lot of people tend to collect recipes, especially since not all the recipes you want can be found in one.
Don't you have a recipe? Of these recipes, you only find that you like some recipes and the rest are not bothered?
But what if you could really compile all your recipe choices in your own custom recipes?
Isn't that great?
Now you can be in lutonbayi. com. Lutongbahay.
Com is the first and only online interactive cooking portal that highlights food recipes in the Philippines and contains thousands of international recipes.
This is a community of culinary enthusiasts where you can get together and enjoy a discussion of food and family dinners.
After all, Luton gbahay is the home word for Filipinos.
First of all, I have a clear idea of how I want to organize my recipes in lutonbayi. com.
I want a day-to-day diet.
This will be a collection of fast, simple but healthy and delicious recipes for busy working days.
There should be enough time for at least one month, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It should also include simple recipes for lunch boxes to go to school and work.
A separate section will focus on more complex weekend dining.
As my family and I have more time at home, Saturday and Sunday are the time to prepare more delicious food and more delicious desserts and snacks.
Cooking is completely different for the company or celebration.
While I haven't prepared some party dishes for my family on some weekends, some recipes are really for special occasions.
In the Philippines, these are holiday foods such as paz Valenciana (a paella), Rellenong Bangus (stuffed with milk fish), Rellenong Manok (stuffed with morkang (stuffed and rolled beef flank), Embutido (homemade sausage) and crispy patta (fried pork leg ).
In each section, I combine traditional Filipino recipes, variations of Filipino recipes, and new dishes made from traditional Filipino ingredients.
The other group will consist of international dishes, maybe points
Classification by region
Your custom recipes can be printed out easily.
I would suggest you put it in a binder so that more pages can be added and the page is reshuffled.
This will make room for more recipes and make your recipes flexible for any restructuring you may want to do later.
You may also want to insert a blank page behind each recipe so that you can put in personal notes, such as any changes you make to the original recipe.
Maybe you would also like to note down any special occasions where you prepare your recipe.
Those who love scrapbooks may make beautiful recipes with personalized designs.
If you have a digital camera, you can take a photo of the version of each dish and add it to your recipe.
If the pictures include the dishes you made for it, the recipe will also be a precious souvenir.
After all, we often like to cook for our loved ones and precious friends.
The customizable recipe feature is a special privilege for ludongbahai. com members.
However, senior members can easily afford it for only $9. 99 a year.
With all the benefits it brings, it is worth more than the price.
Credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, or checks and cash deposits from around the world can be easily paid.
Visitors based in the Philippines can also use the ATM card to pay online through PayPlus.
Why pay for all these expensive recipes when you can have your own customized recipes?
Get your members in Lutongbahay.
So you can start editing your recipes now.
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