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combine culture and fine dining in munich - fine italian restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-13
combine culture and fine dining in munich  -  fine italian restaurant dishes
Looking for the best wine and food venues in Munich?
There are three in-house Tips for Lukas Johannes in Shuttle Direct and a great airport Shuttle.
Travel to Munich?
It's time for cold beer and delicious sausage, right?
Not necessarily: although Munich is indeed the ideal Bavarian city to taste German junk food, it is also home to several tall cities
First-class restaurants, many of which have won extraordinary culinary awards.
If you are looking for a life-changing dining experience that combines class and culture, make sure to check out the following three restaurants on your next Munich holiday. Guten Appetit!
If you are a fan of contemporary art and Italian cuisine, why not combine your passion in Munich?
After visiting the world-famous Lombard Museum
Top-notch works by countless Munich artists, don't miss the elegant dinner in Ella --
The award-winning Italian restaurant in the museum.
In addition to enjoying the extraordinary architecture of Sir Norman Foster's designed restaurant-like a museum-you will find ELLA not only has a charming atmosphere, but also has an impressive menu, contains authentic Italian dishes from 20 regions across the country, and even some unique ideas from top restaurants in the restaurantnotch chefs.
The 181 restaurants of experimental dining are perfect for adventurous tourists in Munich.
If you enjoy a meal at a height of 181, you will get 360-
The degree landscape in Munich sounds like a thrill to you, ready to dine at 181 in a revolving restaurant located at the top of the famous Olympic Tower.
Not only can you combine some sightseeing and dining, but you can also expand your taste by digging the German pioneers of the restaurant
Avant-garde menu made by renowned Bavarian chef Otto Koch.
Offering a luxurious lunch for car enthusiasts at the M1 restaurant, your visit to Munich's impressive BMW museum combined with a scenic dining experience is absolutely necessary.
After walking through the museum, return to the foyer where you can enter the M1 restaurant for a delicious lunch.
Savor the delicious dishes on the menu, including fresh salads and soups, innovative pasta dishes and traditional German food, and you will see spectacular views of Olympia Park in Munich.
This lunch will make you feel good.
Nutritious, refreshed and ready for an afternoon sightseeing.
Fortunately, it's easy to go to Munich.
From London, five airlines offer direct flights to Munich airport.
The hardest part of the trip will be your choice!
While it is possible to queue up at the airport or take advantage of crowded and unpredictable public transport, you will not want to start your holiday in the wrong way.
Don't get annoyed because you're wasting your time at the airport, pre-
Book a shared or private Munich airport taxi using Shuttle Direct and the driver will take you directly to the hotel in about 50 minutes.
Due to our service in Munich, airport taxis have never been as reliable and comfortable as they are now.
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