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Cleaning the Steam Table - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
Cleaning the Steam Table  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
One way to ensure that the food provided is kept warm is to use the kitchen steam table.
The plates are placed on the steam table, and then the plates are placed on the steam table.
The steam generated by the equipment keeps the food warm and can be supplied at any time.
The steam table also keeps the food fresh and safe.
Because it holds food, the steam table needs to be cleaned regularly by the kitchen Butler, and usually the schedule for cleaning the steam table is after the end of the serving period.
Here are the correct steps for how to clean the steam table.
At the end of the service time, the kitchen steward must transfer the remaining food from the steam table pan to the respective food container and then put it in the refrigerator.
In this way, the rest of the food will not be contaminated with dirty water or detergent.
After this step, the kitchen administrator can turn off the steam table machine.
This is done to avoid the occurrence of any accident or accident, one of which is electric shock.
Once the machine is off, he can drain water from the steam well before cleaning the machine.
This will make the cleaning machine safer and easier to clean.
Dip in hot water with a hand brush and pour a small amount of detergent on the brush.
Although detergent can make washing more difficult, do not use too much detergent.
Besides, money will only be wasted.
The kitchen Butler then has to brush all sides and all surfaces of the steam table to make sure he gets to the corner as well.
He should thoroughly scrub and clean the top of the steam table as well as its back and front.
The hood and sides also need to be scrubbed and cleaned.
If there are stubborn food particles attached to the steam stable, the kitchen steward can use a scraper to scrape off the rest of the food.
After that, he can rinse the steam table with hot water.
Before wiping, he has to make sure that any traces of dirty liquid are removed, especially detergent.
He should also make sure that the steam table does not taste detergent.
For steam tables with lime scales, the kitchen attendant must be removedlime it.
The first step to go
The Dawn steam meter is to fill the steam well with water before adding a cleaner that can take away lime scale.
After that, he can turn on the machine to heat the water and detergent.
Before turning the machine off and Flushing, he should keep the machine on until the lime scale is completely removed.
For places where it is difficult to remove the accumulation of lime scale, the kitchen attendant can gently scrub in the area with a scrub pad.
He must make sure that he has removed all traces of the build-up of lime scale.
Once completed, he can turn off steam before draining and cleaning.
After this step, the kitchen steward must rinse the steam table with hot water to ensure that any traces of dirty liquid and detergent are eliminated.
Once the traces of dirty liquid and detergent are completely eliminated, the kitchen attendant can wipe the machine with a soft and clean cloth until it is dry.
Finally, he had to make sure that there was no trace of detergent smell on the steam table.
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