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Cleaning the Cookers, Iron Skillets, and Stove Well - how to clean restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-26
Cleaning the Cookers, Iron Skillets, and Stove Well  -  how to clean restaurant dishes
There are always appropriate steps in cleaning the cooker as well as the iron pan and stove.
Cleaning them is more than just washing them with water and detergent, and the kitchen attendant must also take into account safety precautions.
This is done to protect themselves and to protect the equipment they are dealing.
The first thing the kitchen Butler needs to do is inform the chef or chef, which is the scheduled time to clean the cooker, iron pan and stove.
It is very important to inform the chef so that the chef has enough time to take away any unused food stored in the refrigerator.
Once unused food is properly stored, the kitchen administrator can only turn off the master switch of the machine in this way.
Again, it is very important to prevent accidents such as electric shocks.
The next step, of course, is to clean them up.
First of all, he should remove any accumulated soil, dirt, oil, etc.
Secondly, he has to use a wash cloth or a hand brush to clean the parts.
The detergent or hand brush should be immersed in the water and a proper amount of detergent should be poured.
Although he should not pour too much detergent on a brush or mat, since wasting detergent is a waste of money.
In addition, it takes more time to flush the parts.
He should then thoroughly scrub all areas and sides of the machine to remove the soil.
If there is soil that is difficult to remove, he can remove it with a spatula.
After a thorough scrub, he can wipe the excess liquid and detergent with a cloth, dip them into the water and rinse them to remove the dirty liquid.
Now the cooker, iron pot and stove are clean and the kitchen keeper has to tidy up the place as well.
He should wipe any soil or dirt around the machine with a damp cloth.
In this way, when the chef came back to use the machine, the area was clean and tidy.
In addition to cleaning the area around the machine, the kitchen attendant has to clean the floor as some dirty liquid may have been dripping onto the floor.
With a clean mop, he should wipe the floor around the machine and make sure he clears any spills.
The kitchen Butler should also make sure the floor is dry before informing the chef that they can use the machine again.
In this way, accidents like Falls and slips can be avoided.
When everything is done and the area around the machine and floor is clean, the kitchen attendant can inform the chef that the machine is ready and they can resume cooking there.
These are the steps to how to clean the cooker, iron pan and stove well.
When cleaning the machine, the kitchen Butler should always keep in mind his own safety and the safety of others.
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