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Cichlids Care - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-04
Cichlids Care  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Ciyu is a freshwater fish in ciyu.
Several kinds of mushroom are very good.
Fish in aquarium
Read some important information in advance about these fish and how to take care of them.
It is an important fish and a large fish.
The family includes thousands of freshwater fish.
The fish of mercy is diverse in size and stunning in color and is one of the most popular aquarium fish.
There are also discus fish, prisoner Cili and Oscar fish.
The aquarium for these fish should be very big.
Normally, an aquarium can be built with a tank of 20 gallons.
Wash the water tank thoroughly with water flushing.
But be sure not to wash the water tank with soap because soap can be harmful to their health.
In order to keep the water in the aquarium clean, filtration is very important.
Sponge filters can be used if the aquarium is not too large.
There are several other types of filters besides sponge filters.
You need an air pump, gravel and thermometer in addition to the filter.
If chloramine is contained in the water, then a chloramine remover is needed to protect your fish from chlorine.
You can add rocks and plants to your aquarium to create an environment similar to the natural habitat of ciyu.
You can also choose live or fake plants, depending on whether the living plants can survive at a high pH value of the aquarium water.
Some CIOs live mainly in rock environments, so they may prefer to live in an aquarium full of rocks, not plants.
You need to keep the ideal temperature and pH of the aquarium water.
To maintain the ideal temperature range of the aquarium, you can install the heater along the back wall of the tank.
Keep the temperature between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
Don't put the aquarium in a sunny place.
This helps to avoid temperature fluctuations.
The pH value of the water should be kept between 7. 5 to 8.
Because mushroom likes alkaline water.
If the water is acidic, a substrate can be used to keep the water alkaline.
You can make the water alkaline with regular soda, limestone or crushed coral and gravel.
Water in a closed environment like an aquarium can quickly get dirty.
So, change the water once a week.
However, no more than 10% of the aquarium water is replaced at one time.
Remember to slow down and avoid overfeeding, especially for the first few days.
It is better to add a small amount of food to the aquarium often rather than a large amount of food at a time.
You can eat a variety of foods, including chicken slices and meatballs.
Many people also choose frozen and live food.
There are basically two types of breeders.
Open relatives and shelter relatives.
Open Pro-fish spawn in open places, such as on rocks or substrates.
The pro-fish in the shelter can be a pro-fish or a pro-fish.
Cave pro-fish spawn in caves or caves, while oral pro-fish carry eggs and fry in their mouths until they can swim freely.
On the other hand, Open Pro-fish will take care of young pro-fish until they can swim and eat on their own.
Important factors for successful breeding are the health, diet and age of the fish.
It's better to get a few women for a male.
Feed more protein
Rich food during breeding can help.
For mouth-friendly fish, you can provide shelter such as rocks and plants.
It turned out to be very beneficial to them.
Maintain the ideal temperature and alkaline of water to promote reproduction and hatching of eggs.
In order to harvest the mushroom, you can let the female release the fry in a separate water tank.
This helps protect fry from other adult fish.
If you provide healthy food and the ideal growth environment, the fry will grow rapidly.
Large aquariums are usually more popular than small aquariums, mainly to reduce the aggression of ciyu.
The fish can become more aggressive in a small aquarium.
It is observed that fish of the same size are more aggressive.
Therefore, it is better to raise fish of different sizes in the aquarium.
You can also reduce the water temperature, which helps slow down the metabolism and thus reduce the aggression of the mushroom.
Even if the lower male population is maintained, isolated breeding pairs help to control aggression.
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