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chinese restaurant stainless steel serving dishes with lids this heat creates a demand for ice - catering

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
When the heat reaches such an uncomfortable temperature, people will want a lot of ice.As people add more ice to drinks and cocktails, retail establishments will be overwhelmed by the demands of bags of ice.Many people usually make ice cubes at home, but it can take a long time to freeze in a home refrigerator and they would rather go to the store to buy them.
Places like supermarkets and liquor stores are usually places where people go for the sake of ice.These institutions must have the right catering equipment to make many bags of ice to cope with the growing demand.They have to have a machine to handle a lot of production due to this demand.
For this reason, it is ideal for Scots to bring their own ice making machines, especially for the production of 145 kilograms of ice making machines.This is a large machine with a size of 1078x715x1126, so it takes up quite a lot of space.It produces up to 145 of individual gourmet crystal clear Super cubes in its daily production cycle.
It has an ice storage capacity of 70 kg, which is great for busy places with other businesses to deal.A lot of bags can be filled every day to prepare for customers.Advanced diagnostic computer control and visual alarm lights are used to indicate when routine maintenance is required.
It has an ergonomic ice storage door.
For hygiene purposes, it has a steam-based microbial control system bag in the storage area, a patentedA scale system and antimicrobial agent embedded in molded plastic parts.This durable unit has a stainless steel-resistant exterior and a PWD system for remote drainage.Liquor stores are very busy during the weekend.
As a result, they tend to sell many bags of ice on busy, hot weekends.This machine will ensure that there is a sufficient quantity of products in stock, which can increase the profit of the store
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