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chinese restaurant stainless steel serving dishes with lids dairy farm equipments and milk collection accessories

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
Now, stainless steel is used as building materials for dairy products and food processing equipment around the world to meet the most accurate requirements for easy maintenance, hygiene, product preservation, corrosion resistance, avoid the harmful effects of aluminum and plastics on health.Stainless steel products have been widely recognized and appreciated in India and other developing countries and developed countries in the world.Stainless steel has higher strength, higher yieldHigher hardness than aluminum and plastic.
It has strong resistance to wear, mechanical deformation and other factors.It has strong corrosion resistance.Cleaning S is very easy.S.cans.It has smooth surface, no pits and scratches.It prevents food/milk particles from sticking to its surface, thus protecting the food from any higher microbial growth rate.
Its strength and durability ensure a better life span than the covers of any other traditional material.Easy quick cleaning of stainless steel.It saves a lot of chemicals, energy and working hours.Studies have shown that poor milk cleaning is the main reason for receiving a very high number of bacteria in raw milk in dairy products.
Because the stainless steel surface can be cleaned very effectively.Compared with aluminum alloy and plastic cans, its super smooth structure has obvious advantages.Also, this operation can even be done using a washing soda if needed, otherwise the aluminum alloy tank (esp) is not possibleWhen doing manual cleaning/scrubbing ).
Long service life: no protective coating is required for stainless steel.Weight loss is negligible.Solid stainless steel body resistant to all wearTherefore, there is a large interval between purchase and replacement.To be frank, stainless steel is not expensive at all.
Very low maintenance, longer running life, relatively cheaper in the long run.Krishna industry is a leading certified manufacturer and exporter of ISO 9001: 2000 dairy equipment, stainless steel milk cans, milking machines, milk drums, stainless steel milk cans, stainless steel milk collection accessories, bulk milk collages.They offer state-of-the-art products in the ever-expanding field of dairy equipment.
They are committed to providing the highest quality products that meet international standards.Krishna industrial Krishna.@ Gmail.91 -22 -
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