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china and porcelain dinnerware china and myanmar plan high speed railway - travel

by:Two Eight     2019-07-27
Yangon, the capital of China's Yunnan province, is the largest city in Myanmar, and the 1920 km-kilometer railway will be connected.Wang Mengshu of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a railway expert said the talks will begin in about two months.The train travels at a speed of 170 kilometers.
Once the link is completed, the speed is 200 kilometers per hour, "he said.Wang, professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, ChinaIncluding the high-speed rail project.Railway connection between high and highWang said in an interview with China Daily that the speed of western China and Cambodia is under discussion.
Another road to Yunnan and Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is conducting an exploratory survey.Three new railways connecting China and Vietnam are being discussed with other countries, and a network that should be built within 10 years is, "Wang said.He said that "projects" between China and South Asian countries to promote cooperation between many regions in western China will promote economic growth.
See National Rail Network Map 120 at the end of 2020 and the end of 2030.000 km 170.000 km is progress, Wang said.60% of the railway will be located in western China when it is completed.A spokesman for the Ministry of Railways has a detailed construction plan to connect South Asian countries, which has not yet been finalized, but confirms that the ministry has established working groups with these countries.
Thai ambassador to China Piamsak Milintachinda said earlier that in August, a Chinese ministerial team traveled to Thailand under the environment of high-speed rail investment and Thailand railway, and China and other countries in Southeast Asia will increase the measurement network.A 240-meter-high ProjectThailand's high-speed rail mileage is estimated to be nearly 25 kilometers.The $6 billion to enter the country and the cost of the first row of royong in the east of the country will be connected to the industrial base in Bangkok.
Thailand has been upgrading their network and "high operations" for a long time"The "high-speed rail system" aims to learn from China's experience, the ambassador said.Chinese experts believe that Chinese technology can realize the potential of the project, but other factors may play a role."Southeast Asia is not a technical barrier to building high-speed trains, but China must consider the benefits," he said .
" Professor G Garen of Beijing Jiaotong University said.Chinese enterprises are developing towards technological innovation and industrial upgrading.High-speed rail will maintain and benefit from growing interest in high-speed railThe high-speed railway route was announced.
China's high-speed rail speeds up to 416 kilometers per hour.Zhao Xiaogang, China Southern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation, said the speed is 6 kilometers per hour.According to the president, China's largest manufacturer of railway equipment.
Europe, the United States, Russia, India, Brazil and the Middle EastHigh-speed rail has been taken into account in this industry, which is usually a sign of prosperity. "Zhao said
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