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Chef Sandoval sees global growth for Latin cuisine - mexican dishes for restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-11-01
Chef Sandoval sees global growth for Latin cuisine  -  mexican dishes for restaurants
NEW YORK (Reuters Life! )-
Despite the economic difficulties, chef Richard Sandoval believes there is a passion around the world for food from his hometown of Mexico and other parts of Latin America.
Sandoval, which owns more than 15 restaurants including one in Dubai, opened two in Santa Monica, California in August.
La Sandia shows his modern style on Mexican dishes, while Zengo shows his blend of Latin and Asian flavors. The 42-year-
Locals in Old Mexico told Reuters about the current situation of Latin cuisine and catering.
Q: Why did you open two restaurants in the same place?
Isn't this a big gamble in this environment?
A: "It doesn't make sense to do so because of the recession and for all reasons.
I think it's too big to open a restaurant there.
I thought about it.
Divided into two separate restaurants.
I got a lot.
This is a joint venture between me and the mall.
In this case, I still feel that you can position yourself in the next 10 years.
Q: What's the difference between La Sandia and Zengo?
They are completely different concepts.
They are completely different designs.
There are no similarities.
They don't compete with each other at all.
If you want Mexican food, go for Mexican food.
If you want more Fusion, you will go to Zengo.
Q: What makes you decide to combine Latin and Asian cuisine?
A: "When you look at Latin and Asian food, they are very similar in composition.
You used a lot of rice.
When you see the taste, the spice, the acid and the candy --
When you see these three common denominator, it is not difficult to complement each other.
Sharing small plates is something everyone is walking towards and enjoying.
You can have eight different dishes instead of appetizers and entrees.
You have more textures and flavors so it works.
Q: What trends did you see in the Latin restaurant?
A: "We don't know much about other Latin foods such as Peru.
I think we will see more of the other Central American and Latin American cuisine in the coming years.
"Arepas fried squid (serves 4)For Arepas (
Production of about 8 plates)
1/2 cup Masarepa, 1 cup of yellow corn/2 cups of water 2 teaspoons of salt.
Mix salt with water in a large bowl until dissolved. 2.
Mix slowly in masarepa with your hands until fully absorbed.
It should have a firm consistency. 3.
Pinch the dough into eight balls of the same size.
Roll in the palm of your hands until each becomes a smooth ball, then press the flat round edge as you move forward.
It should be like a disk with flat edges. 4. Cook on a cast-
Iron Pot or non
Stick the pan under low heat until there is almost no Brown on either side for about 2 minutes. 5.
The board is cool for future use.
For La pork1.
5 pounds Pig Ass, extra fat clean 1 small yellow onion, rough chop1/2 bunch of coriander 3 pieces of pepper, crush (
Dried red pepper)
1/2 cups of seafood sauce (
Chinese sweet sauce)
1/4 cup of white vinegar 2 tablespoons sashimi (
Japanese spice mixture)
2 teaspoons of salt, cloves, garlic, Shell water.
Cut the whole pig butt into smaller, proportional parts to make sure the cooking time is equal. 2.
Add enough water to cover the pork in a suitable sized sauce pan.
Do not add extra water as it will reduce the taste of the stock. 3.
Make sure that the Carmine and pepper are completely dissolved. 4.
Boil and reduce the heat to about 3-
Easily separated for 4 hours or until pork. 5.
Cool a little and chop pork with a fork.
Filter the liquid and then come back and cover the pork.
Adjust the taste of the seasoning and use it at a temperature. To assemble1.
5 pounds braised pork, stocked with WAHM 8 arescanola oil, scallions chopped for fried avocado or avocado, with sesame seeds, with Mexican garlic (
Similar to creme fraiche)to drizzle1.
Add hot oil in a small oil pan until it reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit and fry for about 90 seconds.
Drain the water on the paper towel and cool it a little. 2.
Be careful not to burn yourself and cut the area horizontally into two discs.
They should be crunchy outside and soft in the middle. 3.
Place arepas on a crispy plate with pork discharged from the liquid.
Put a spoonful of avocado sauce on it. 4.
Decorate each piece with a piece of serrano, sesame seeds and scallions. 5.
Sprinkle crema murals on arepas (
Depending on crema, it may need to be diluted with a little milk).
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