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Chef Mark Best to cook up a storm in Tasmania - hot pot restaurant dish

by:Two Eight     2019-08-23
Chef Mark Best to cook up a storm in Tasmania  -  hot pot restaurant dish
One of Australia's most famous chefs came to Launceston as part of the TasTAFE Drysdale series of great chefs.
Mark Best will attend the series on Friday, June 24 and work with some of the latest membersand-
Future talent in the Tasman hotel industry.
Mr. Best has won many top industry awards in many publications, including the chef of the year and the restaurant of the year.
"I live in a melting pot of new ideas and cultures.
We don't have the shackles of cooking history,xa0"We are free to use our creativity, shake our spirits, adapt and improve," he said . ".
"Australia is a part of Asia in its geographical location, which makes people, ideas and cultural exchanges very rich, which brings a unique taste to Australian cuisine.
"My goal is to bring the extraordinary products of Australia to celebration and unnatural expressions.
After working as an electrician at the Western Australian gold mine, Mr. Best started his career at the age of 25. xa0With onexa0Practice at Macleay Street Bistro in Sydney.
This has inspired his passion for French cuisine and his new ideas and inventions in cooking. He owns award-
Win contemporary bistro Pei Modern in Melbourne and Sydney.
Mr. Best will be six-
Of course, degustation added wines from world-class wineries in the state of Tasmania.
The menu will include Flinders Island kangaroo and big kon hot pot, as well as mushroom broth with fermented mushrooms and scallops, as well as frozen grapefruit curd and snow bet.
The course will provide wines from the vineyards of Goaty Hill.
Your "Great Chef series is also Wakuda Danhong and Michael Luo from Zhe.
Big Chef series cooking heads share their experience with upand-
Trainees at the upcoming Tasmanian hotel.
During September and October, TasTAFE Drysdale will celebrate China National Day and Golden Week holidays with two AsiansActivities with inspiration
Dinner for six people
Degustation package with wine is $165 per person.
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