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ceramic pottery dinnerware sets how to make your own pottery dinnerware | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
By using the coil, you can make a charming set of rustic tableware without pottery wheelsand-Clamp pot method made of pottery.These dishes and matching mugs can be made at home without special supplies, but a kiln is needed for firing pottery, which will make it suitable for consumption.Look for regional pottery studios or art schools, which will usually allow you to fire items for a small fee.
Wet your hand with water.
Push the clay with the heel for at least 20 minutes to remove all the bubbles and knead the ceramic clay.When the clay is smooth and soft, cover it with a damp cloth and let the clay rest for half an hour.Roll the clay into a long snake larger than a pencil and roll your hand with even pressure.
Starting at the center of the plate, turn the snake around.Continue winding until the required plate size is reached.Wet your hand with water, smooth the inside of the plate, gently press the coil and push it into the smooth surface.
Be careful not to make or leave bubbles.
A slight movement of the hand creates a slight depression at the center of the plate.Flat the edge of the skateboard with a wet hand.Let the plate dry thoroughly for a few days.
Paint with ceramic glaze and bake in the kiln according to the manufacturer's instructions.Rub the clay with a wet hand for 20 minutes.Cover the clay and let it rest for half an hour.
Roll a clay ball to the size of a tennis ball.Push your thumb into the center of the clay ball.Pinch with your thumb and fingers to expand the center of the clay ball and turn when you pinch to keep the uniform thickness.
Pat the finished glass on the table to form a flat bottom.Turn the glass over and press it on the table to keep the top edge even.Let the glass dry completely.Paint with ceramic glaze and bake in the kiln.
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