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ceramic dinnerware bowls summer salads from the provence served in ceramic bowls

by:Two Eight     2019-06-07
Since we are still at the peak of the summer season, here are some suggestions for delicious French recipes.We all know of saranicossi with dry or fresh anchovies, cooked eggs, black olives in Provence and their special spices, ceramic oil bottles usually made and decorated by handAnother delicious salad is "warm salad ".It only takes 20 minutes to prepare and looks great in a ceramic bowl in Provence.
A 6 person salad, you need 2 quarts of mixed salad greens (most like crispy, sweet leaves like Maine, endive and iceberg) 8 cooked eggs, 8 medium tomatoes or plum tomatoes, 4 portions, 1 large salad onion, cut into slices, 1 green pepper, thin slices, 1 red bell pepper, thin slices, 1/2 cups of small black olives packed in salt water, after drainage (preferably the glazane olive in Provence if you can get it)First of all, you combine everything, from salad vegetables to drained olives, and throw it aside.Take a small pan and gently heat the mixture of anchovies and olive oil with medium heat while stirring continuously for about 5 minutes until the anchovies form a thick paste.After removing from the fire, add black pepper and stir with capers, garlic and vinegar.
Gradually stir in the remaining olive oil.Use at least half of the warm dressing in the salad you prepared before, and the rest are refrigerated.You can re-heat the rest of the seasoning and bake the vegetables in a lovely oven or use it as a dip for raw vegetables for the day.
This lovely salad is placed in a large ceramic salad bowl, then divided into smaller bowls, hand-made and decorated in Provence, not only delicious, but also looks great.The rich colors of Provence are mixed together....Green, yellow, red from places like Vallauris or Aixen-Provence.
As we all know, eating is not only the actual taste of things, but also the atmosphere, so it is recommended to serve handmade Provence dishes.French cutlery, like pasta on an Italian cooker and polllo al Ast on Spanish ceramics.www.erdeceramica
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