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ceramic and pewter dinnerware summer cooking: how to marinate -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
Everyone likes to cook their favorite food on the grill.Learning how to marinate is an important step in achieving this perfection.Pickling is a cooking method.Or at least an important prelude to many cooking methods.This itself needs to be understood.It's not just soaking your favorite meat in your favorite salad sauce before the barbecue.Or at least it should be!There are some tips for you to be right and lucky, they are simple and you will learn them here!Pickling is to increase the taste, increase the moisture, and tender the meat.Learning how to marinate will improve your level of cooking as it creates a whole new creativity for cooking.There are unlimited ingredients and simple procedures here.This is a very simple daily cooking solution with seasonal favorites-BBQ outdoor!The trick is to bring your favorite meat and make a marinade for it on the spot --Depending on the ingredients you have on hand and the taste you want.The recipe may always be simple and always the same, but the diversity of ingredients will make sure you never get bored!One thing to be sure about when learning how to marinate is what meat you plan to use.A common mistake is to give full play to the tender properties of the cured meat.Yes, the soaking will provide some tenderness.but only some.You still can't take the shoe leather, marinate it and cut it with a butter knife.This will not happen, expecting that this will only produce those disappointing results that I mentioned earlier.Like anything else you make, it's better to start with good ingredients --Consider the end result you want.In addition, the muscle tissue will absorb the marinade better than the fat tissue, so the use of excess fat meat will lead to very little marinade that actually enters your product.Many people began to marinate with oil.Salad dressing is a popular marinade after all.Adding oil is also an option, but keep in mind that the oil itself is not sucked into muscle tissue.In this case, the oil is only used for seasoning, so please select the seasoning oil if you use the oil.In most marinades, the basic ingredient is an acid that can play a slight tender role.The acid type you choose is completely open to your creativity and the type of dish you are making.The mixture of wine, lemon juice, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, orange juice pineapple juice and margar tower is quite common acid and works well in marinade.Fresh herbs can also add flavor to the marinade.When using herbs, keep in mind that the whole herbs will slowly release their taste, so they are most effective for long marinades.If you use faster marinade, grind herbs first before using them to give them a taste faster.The key to cooking success is to learn the basic cooking methods and then make your taste, imagination and your unique situation a guide to making your own marinade recipe.To add moisture to our products, we started the pickling process.We don't want to lose any moisture right now, so always put the products you soak with marinade in the air --Tight containerThis container should also be sour.Resistance, which means that it does not react with acidic ingredients and can make people sick.Glass, ceramic and stainless steel meet this standard.Aluminum, copper and tinDon't use them when pickling!Throughout the soaking process, the container is always stored in the refrigerator.In these ways, you ensure food safety throughout the pickling process, which will vary depending on how much time you have and the meat you are using.Finally, remember to always discard the marinade after you marinate and never re-marinateUse marinade during cooking as it has been soaked in raw meat for a long time.What marinade will you make this weekend?Relax.You know how to marinate and you have a whole summer of delicious experiments in front of you!
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