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Causes of Hair Loss in Women - green bone china tea set

by:Two Eight     2019-09-14
Causes of Hair Loss in Women  -  green bone china tea set
The problem of female hair loss is increasing, and women are more nervous about their appearance.
Although hair loss has long been frequent with age, it is helpful to see all possible causes of hair loss recently even for young women.
The doctors say the ladies are more careful with their hair, and they use a lot of chemicals on their scalp that weaken the hair.
Their hair also goes through chemical hair colors, which, as dermatologists believe, must be replaced with natural hair colors such as henna.
If the cause of hair loss is inherited, it is difficult to correct it.
But its impact can be reduced and delayed.
Although the hair seems to have decreased, many of its roots are still alive and are able to grow hair again.
Another major cause of hair loss is dandruff.
If you lose a lot of hair and you have dandruff, you need to pay attention to a lot of water.
Massage gently on the scalp, add nourishing oil, such as coconut oil or olive oil, and add a deep conditioner in one dayto-
A day before going to bed for the whole week is also good for treating dandruff.
Dermatologists advocate washing your hair every day with dandruff-removing shampoo at the beginning of the day.
Stress is not only the cause of diseases such as high blood pressure and heart
The related troubles also fell for the hair.
According to a dermatologist, stress is the main reason for a woman's hair to fall off, because unlike men, women cannot remove stress, but leave it in the body.
This is not good for their overall health and hair.
An unexpected stress event prevented the growth of hair follicles, which would then go into hibernation for about six to twelve weeks or more.
When these follicles are not cured, they may be in a passive state for a lifetime.
Pregnancy is a stage in a woman's life, and the body changes significantly due to hormonal changes.
This will certainly also affect excessive hair shedding.
During pregnancy, the baby takes advantage of many important components of the mother's body.
In these, nutrients such as calcium are essential for hair, so women face the problem of hair falling off when they are pregnant.
Therefore, they must take the advice of the doctor to understand how to balance the nutritional elements so that the hair can grow again.
Menopause, like pregnancy, is a state of a woman's life that produces important hormonal transformation and eventually hair loss.
During menopause, the levels of estrogen and progesterone have all declined, as the hair on the head will fall off and the hair on other faces will grow.
In this case, the doctor recommends changing the diet by consulting the doctor.
The doctor may recommend one.
Long-term treatment of estrogen if needed.
In addition, having enough green tea and foods containing vitamin B6, reducing excessive weight and adequate sleep can be of great help to hair loss, as the disorder of hair loss may be related, in one way or another, the incorrect way of life.
In addition to the health problems inside the body, some special external problems may also worsen the complications of hair loss, such as wearing a stretched hairstyle.
Don't tie a ponytail, braids, braided hair and tight-rolled hair as they will pull your hair.
Hair dryers may also weaken the hair and may cause it to fall off. So, while blow-
Dry and keep the temperature in cooling mode.
Knowing the exact cause of your hair loss is very helpful to correct your illness.
Understand the cause and fix it properly so that hair can be restored.
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