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Cardinal Tetra - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Cardinal Tetra  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Cardinal tetra, in its bright red color, is sure to add beauty to your fish tank.
Interestingly, this is a red color, similar to the color of the Cardinal dress, and the name of the fish comes from this color.
) Is currently a large demand for freshwater fish in the aquarium trade.
) Caused a lot of confusion between the two.
Although in the four neon species, the bright red color of the feature is limited to the latter half, in the basic species the same color spans the lower half of the body.
Cardinal tetra is not as popular as neon tetra because it is very difficult to breed this species in captivity.
In addition, the species has a life span of about 1 year, especially in its natural habitat.
In captivity, it will survive for several years.
Here are some pointers that can help you take care of your pet tetra properly.
The length of the Cardinal tetra is 3 to 5 centimeters and is a small fish, so it is enough to have a fish tank of about 5 gallons.
These four top
Residential and mid-
The commendable species of residence can live peacefully in community tanks.
The temperature of the water should be between 73 °c and 81 °c, or a little higher, and the pH should be between 4 °c. 6 to 6. 2.
This plant can adapt to the pH of hard water, even alkaline water, but this makes them more sensitive to changes.
You can provide some plants along the boundaries of the aquarium, but keep in mind that this plant requires a lot of open space to swim in the center of the fish tank.
These fish like to swim in school and you shouldn't take a lonely Cardinal, tetra, home.
The ideal number is in 8-10 fish.
Tetra is a omnivore that eats most of the food, including flaky food.
You can feed your tetra with frozen feed
Dried blood worms, native turtles, salt shrimps, water dragons, etc.
As for fried food, I. e.
Young fish, because they are small in size, should only give them a little bit of food;
The newly hatched salted shrimp is a good choice.
If you want to breed this species, you have to make a lot of effort.
Artificial breeding is difficult to breed. even if the fish really spawn, the mortality rate in the Fry is quite high.
A female will spawn about 500 eggs in one spawn.
Once spawning, it would be a better idea to separate adults from eggs, otherwise they would end up eating on their own eggs.
A common parasite that affects aquarium fish.
The species is also prone to several intestinal parasite diseases.
However, they are resistant to several diseases under favorable conditions.
Given their size and temperament, it is clear that you should put them together with similar, docile fish, otherwise they will eventually be eaten by large species.
Cardinal tetra may cost more than neon tetra, which can be attributed to the difficulty of breeding captive species.
Usually they are captured from their natural habitat. e.
Upper orinoko basin and black Basin in South America
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