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Cardamom Spice - dishes of india restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-12
Cardamom Spice  -  dishes of india restaurant
Cardamom is considered the "Spice queen" of India for its strong and unique fragrance, which enhances the flavor of any dish.
There are two kinds of spices.
"Green" and "black" or "brown" cardamom.
Cardamom is the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron.
It is actually a member of the same family that Jiang and Jiang belong. .
Often referred to as "real" or "green cardamom", it can be distinguished by the green of the seed.
Variety, BrownColored seeds.
It is also called black or brown cardamom.
Green or genuine varieties are native to some other regions of India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Asia, while black or brown varieties are native to Asia and Australia.
Cardamom seeds are usually harvested before maturity, after which they are dried in the sun or with the help of a dryer.
The seed pods of both varieties have many small, highly aromatic black seeds that are more commonly used to season a large number of Indian, Middle Eastern, European and Scandinavian dishes.
Cardamom is basically used as a spice and as a medicine or herb to treat some diseases.
In ancient times, this spice was considered so precious that it was stored on special occasions such as weddings.
It is also one of the oldest known spices.
In ancient Egypt, its seeds were chewed, mainly to clean the teeth.
On the other hand, the Greeks and Romans appreciated it so much that they used it as a perfume.
Even now, it is one of the most valuable and expensive spices in the world.
Today, this spice is a common ingredient in many Indian dishes due to its unique taste and sweet and spicy taste.
Black or brown cardamom is more fragrant than green and has a strong astringency.
In addition to Indian dishes, it is often used in biscuits and sweet bread in Scandinavian countries.
In the Middle East, the green varieties are mainly sweet dishes.
Coffee is used for seasoning in Arabia and Turkey.
Seeds are usually ground and added to the coffee beans, or some seeds are simply kept in the coffee pot.
On the other hand, Arabs make their traditional rice dishes with this spice.
In India, it is used to make special tea called "masala tea" or spiced tea.
It is also used in traditional sweets in India.
Black cardamom is often used with other spices to make "garam masala" used in curry ".
In addition, this spice can be used for pickles, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables, desserts and pastries.
As a traditional medicine, it is used for digestive system diseases, infection of teeth and gums, blockage, and decomposition of stones and kidney stones.
It is also reported to be used as an antidote to snake injuries and scorpion poison.
It is considered a stimulant and care.
Most of the health benefits of this spice are attributed to volatile oils such as camphor oil, eucalyptus essence, matones, Dragon brain and lemon Ene, as well as some plant chemicals such as the snake brain.
All of these compounds are good for health, especially for the digestive system.
Can help improve digestion, promote appetite.
It can help reduce the gas in the digestive tract and relieve the acidity.
It can also effectively prevent nausea and vomiting.
Tea made of cardamom and cinnamon is usually used to treat sore throat and hoarseness.
This spice can also be used for diseases such as airsickness or poor tone, allergies, and asthma.
It is also considered to have detoxification properties.
It turns out to be very beneficial to the kidneys and urinary system.
It can be used to relieve symptoms such as oral ulcer, urinary system infection, branch inflammation, spasm and convulsions.
Overeating this spice, however, is not considered to be good for the digestive system.
As a result, cardamom is the best spice that not only highlights the taste of the dish, but also offers a variety of health benefits.
Normally, this spice can be replaced with cinnamon, mace, cloves, nutmeg and coriander seeds.
But they can't completely replace the unique flavor of cardamom.
This spice is usually stored in the form of pods, as they tend to lose their fragrance once the seeds are exposed or ground.
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