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Candiru: Vampire Fish - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-02
Candiru: Vampire Fish  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Candiru, or the local vampire fish, is well known for its myth that the fish is infected with human genitals.
Sometimes called rosary.
) Is a freshwater fish belonging to the catfish group.
Although some samples measuring nearly 2 inch were also found, this species usually grows to 1 or 17 inch long.
These fish are eel.
It's like almost translucent, making them almost invisible in the water.
Candirus swim fast, powerful, smooth and sticky, sharp teeth, back
Point to the thorn on their fins.
Like most pickers, they don't like the sun, so bury themselves in the mud and sand at the bottom of the river.
The Rosary is mainly found in the Amazon and orinoko rivers in South America.
They are part of the new tropical fish system, the most-
Locals are afraid of fish because they have a reputation for finding fish and attaching them to their fins.
After they are attached to the gill flap, like a parasite, they draw blood from the host fish.
Rosary beads are parasitic in nature.
Simple and ruthless;
In order to find a fish, it first tasted the taste of water and tried to find a water flow from the fins of the fish.
Once such a stream is detected, it follows the stream to its new host and inserts itself into the gill flap.
The thorns around its head pierce the scales of the fish and draw blood while fixing it in place.
It then feeds the blood with its mouth as a slurslur, while pulling long teeth on its upper jaw.
Then it unpacks the shark's fin, sinks into the bottom of the river and digests the food.
This habit of living on Blood earned it the nickname "Brazilian vampire fish.
However, the reason why humans are most afraid of candiru is because it is the only known spine that affects humans.
Apparently, the fish is said to be addicted to the taste and smell of human urine;
The belief that has been proven to be wrong in 2001 of the study!
According to the legend, this species urinate into the human body when it is thin
Soak in water.
It tasted the flow of urine and followed it back to humans.
Once in, the species will swim through the urethra and place itself somewhere in the urethra with its thorns.
Then it leaves traces in blood and body tissue.
Sometimes, its body expands due to the amount of blood consumed.
Candiru also devours the mucosa and tissue until the bleeding kills the mucosa or host.
It is also said that even if the fish is caught by the tail in the urethra at one time, it cannot be pulled out because it spreads like an umbrella.
It can attack men and women.
It has also been said that a person prefers a penis resection rather than the pain and pain caused by leaving it inside.
However, as mentioned earlier, with respect to candiru, there is no evidence to prove this fact. .
The fruit juice of this fruit is brewed into tea and eaten, which is said to cause the skeleton of the fish to dissolve and is expelled from the victim's hands within a few hours.
Urologists have used a synthetic version of this beer in the past to dissolve bladder and kidney stones.
It can also be surgically removed, both options are time-consuming.
There is an action to ban the import of the fish into the United States, fearing that some of them may enter the American River and cause serious damage.
So far, there are no known candiru predators.
Apart from their feeding habits, we know very little about them.
However, they have their own reputation because of the interesting myths that they infect humans.
Interestingly, in the popular medical drama Grey's Anatomy, there is a episode that turns this myth into reality!
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