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Calories in Spanish Food - Healthy Spanish Cuisine Guide and Tips - spanish restaurant main dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-09-23
Calories in Spanish Food - Healthy Spanish Cuisine Guide and Tips  -  spanish restaurant main dishes
Depending on your location, your local Spanish restaurant will offer a variety of European-style dishes, but it may also include Caribbean and South American dishes.
And a variety of Spanish-
You can make some style dishes at home.
But how healthy is Spanish food and dishes?
Generally speaking, Spanish food, like most Mediterranean foods, is a staple of rice, potatoes and beans, with vegetables, usually seasoned with fresh tomato and tomato sauces, and is very healthy.
To reduce calorie intake, it is basically to keep the portions small and avoid eating foods that are high in fat, especially sausages, fat pork and other meats.
Most Spanish restaurants have a variety of delicious and healthy dishes to choose from.
The variety includes fish, shrimp and other seafood dishes, pies, steak, barbecue, grill and rice.
A good way to start looking at calories and fat is to choose vegetables or low
An appetizer (grilled or grilled) based on fat protein;
Not fried) and seafood main course.
The selection of delicious rice with less variety helps to control the heat.
Many poultry, beef and pork dishes can be served with small portions and sauces.
If you want to be more adventurous in a restaurant or home cooked food, this article will help as it lists calories and major nutrients in a variety of Spanish foods.
This article also includes a list of foods to choose and foods to avoid, as well as a range of tips for choosing healthy foods.
Rice and beans such as seafood rice, such as "arroz con gandules", are good options as long as you ask for full size or small portions.
Looking for vegetable-rich dishes, seafood is a better choice than red meat.
Most tomato-based dishes are a good choice, but be careful about the high salt content in many ketchup.
Shrimp dishes can also contain a large amount of sodium.
Caribbean Spanish pork dishes like "chuletas" and "pernil" are OK in a moderate manner, but avoid fried dishes.
Ask for all the sauces and seasonings on the side so you can add the amount you want.
Select protein slices based on seafood and poultry, bake and bake, not fry, or select a small amount of beef or pork.
Avoid all fried dishes (main and dinner) or anything labeled crispy (frita or frito.
Choose water as the main drink.
Many alcoholic-based drinks and other drinks have very high calories.
Control your portion size-always.
Try to avoid dessert except fresh fruit.
Almost all desserts contain calories and fat.
Roast suckling pig (roast suckling pig) and other small barbecue---Deep-
(There are "frito" or "fritura" on the menu), especially Fritura Mixta de Pescado (dishes with mixed fish)-
Spanish-catinparo chorus
The following table lists the calories in common Spanish food and dishes, including homemade food and restaurant-style food.
The food is listed from minimum to maximum calories.
This will depend on the size of the service.
The table can be re-ordered alphabetically to find the details of a particular dish.
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