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Calories in Chicken Fried Rice - restaurant quality dishes at home

by:Two Eight     2019-08-31
Calories in Chicken Fried Rice  -  restaurant quality dishes at home
Chicken fried rice is a staple food in Southeast Asian cuisine and one of the most popular takeout foods.
Whether you order chicken fried rice from your favorite Chinese restaurant or prepare it at home, it's great to know the calories it contains.
Look at the calories in chicken fried rice cooked in different ways.
Chicken fried rice is one of the things that can use some staple food in the pantry to have a quick dinner.
This is a very popular Chinese stir-fried dish, and its unique brown color comes from soy sauce and cooking ingredients in hot pots.
It's not hard to make a perfect chicken fried rice, you just need to know the right cooking skills.
The good thing about preparing fried rice recipes is that you can use any ingredients you like.
Of course, you can't replace other meat with chicken because it's chicken fried rice.
When cooking chicken fried rice, the selection of vegetables ranges from scallions, scallions, red and yellow sweet peppers and Zhu lining carrots.
Having chicken fried rice for dinner is a great way to run out of rice or vegetables.
The heat of the chicken fried rice will depend on the composition and portion of the prepared fried rice.
If you prepare chicken fried rice at home, remind you. . .
Try to use less soy sauce when preparing fried rice, because soy sauce contains a large amount of sodium.
Better yet, use low-sodium soy sauce instead.
If you are on a diet and want to reduce calories and make the dish more nutritious, then replace white rice with brown rice and add more vegetables such as snow beans, bok choy, bean sprouts and green beans.
Here are two versions of chicken fried rice and the calorie content of each dish.
As mentioned earlier, the calories in the fried rice will vary depending on the ingredients used when preparing the dishes.
Stir-fry ingredients with less oil and use peeled chicken breast meat to reduce the calories consumed.
As you can see, the calorie content is also different by making fried rice using different ingredients.
There is no doubt that chicken fried rice is a delicious dish, and it takes very little effort to cook.
But the calorie content is quite high, so indulge once in a while and try to do it with as many vegetables as possible.
This will make it more nutritious and healthy.
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