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Broccoli Cornbread - local dish restaurant fort mill south carolina

by:Two Eight     2020-01-31
Broccoli Cornbread  -  local dish restaurant fort mill south carolina
Tortillas, johnnycake, tortillas, sweet or salty;
In any case, corn bread is a popular staple in many families.
Southern United States has a special love for corn bread and many recipes (
Brought from the north)
Call it sweet.
My own grandma is from the mountains of Kentucky and can't stand the sugar added to the corn bread.
She thought it ruined the taste and I agree with her.
The history of corn bread dates back thousands of years.
Centuries before Europeans came to the United States to sow wheat, Native Americans planted corn and ground it into food.
It is mixed with water and baked in the sun or on open fire.
Later it was placed on board and frying pan and cooked on the ashes of the fire or on the fireplace.
Later, early American settlers began to bake corn bread or fried corn bread in their cast iron frying pan.
The chef started adding other ingredients for various reasons.
The corn bread is delicious, so it can be delivered with travelers or soldiers.
Since food is scarce, bread becomes a necessary staple unless someone stops to kill, wash and cook food.
The more nutrients it contains, the better, so throw the pork crispy crust, cheese, vegetables, onions, beans, and anything left in the kitchen into the batter.
I grew up on corn bread.
We had cookies for breakfast, big, like a cat's head, dripping butter.
But dinner is always baked in a large pan of tortillas, which are baked in grannie's cast iron frying pan.
She had some bread divided into wedges, so both sides of the bread were crispy and brown.
We kids fight for these, and my scars can prove that.
Corn bread is always made with fresh sweet milk or buttermilk stirred by ourselves, when we eat vegetables (think turnip)
We poured a pot of wine on the corn bread, it was so delicious, even now I think of it, my mouth will drool.
Now Mom will sneak the vegetables into the food because the kids won't eat, but we like anything that's in front of us.
Of course, at our table, do you eat cooked or hungry.
The choice is clear.
No one will do something special just because a child is picky.
Many times I was stabbed with a fork (
Or stab someone)
I hate chicken if I want chicken breast!
But when the big pot of corn bread was placed on the table, we were all silent, just breathing the scent of delicious food with love to cook.
One of Granny's favorite corn bread recipes is made with broccoli and cheese.
Cheese is a luxury, but broccoli is everywhere in the garden until the first frost kills it.
I am doing it for my little family now, just like she is doing it for her big family.
Buttermilk was bought at the store and the local mill did not grind food but the taste was the same and it would bring grandma back to me for a while.
This is her recipe for broccoli corn bread, and she made some adjustments to make it easier for modern chefs to use.
Hope you like it.
Simple, cheesy and delicious bread will definitely be popular at any table.
It is perfect for soup, beans or anything that needs bread.
This recipe is fast and easy to make.
Because it adds vegetables, it has a healthy side. Enjoy!
Optional ingredients are red, yellow or green pepper, cheese, ground Habeneros or other pepper whole kernel corn butter!
Give you a flavor of buttermilk add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to the sweet milk, and when using plain flour or cornmeal add 1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the bread recipe. Remember!
The fact of nutrition is very close.
I divided the size of the recipe by the number of cornbread slices.
The optional ingredients will significantly change these numbers and the chef must use his own recipe to determine the actual nutrition.
The recipe cost about $2 to make, so it's an economic addition to the family meal plan.
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