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bone porcelain china tea set the chronicle of porcelain is as amazing as the best ...

by:Two Eight     2019-08-04
The first porcelain was produced in China in the 8 th century.No other place in the world can see such fine and durable goods.Porcelain has become a big hit in the ruling class of the country that trades with China.In all the places where porcelain is exported, try to copy this pottery.The secret of making porcelain was soon discovered by other countries.This has nothing to do with the firing technique, but the result of a clay mixture for ceramic vases.Today, although the types of porcelain are slightly different, the best porcelain is still made of porcelain.Porcelain was discovered in China in the 8 th century Tang dynasty, and Chinese pottery artists developed a thinner and more dense ceramic than their predecessors.It is made of clay with clay and porcelain stone.Over the next few years, the Chinese managed to improve the quality of their porcelain.Many of the antiques that survived were excellent examples of exquisite craftsmanship and art.Porcelain was shipped to the Arab kingdom.Soon after, the Arabs themselves succeeded.Some debris may have been shipped to Europe during the Crusades.Porcelain was introduced to Europe from the Macao port of Portugal and was the first porcelain to arrive in Europe.The nobles of Europe expressed their admiration for the delicacy and strength of the material and ordered their own potters to reproduce it.After years of failed experiments, the German alchemist fridges Bottger finally revealed the secret of real porcelain.This is at 1710.Soon, porcelain was also produced in France and Britain.The British have developed a stronger and more transparent porcelain called bone porcelain ".The name means that it is made of clay and powder animal bones have been added.The long history of Chinese porcelain began in the Tang Dynasty.From China, it has found the way to successfully replicate Arabia.It is clear that the Arabs have mastered the secret formula for making porcelain soil.Kaolin soil and a substance called "porcelain stone" are mixed with ordinary clay used for pottery.The Portuguese trade route from the Macao Port finally arrived in Europe.In Europe, porcelain has been greatly appreciated, and many efforts have been made in the failed attempt to recreate porcelain.Until the 18 th century, a German alchemist succeeded in making the first real porcelain in Europe, and the European people realized the special ingredients of making porcelain.Today, a porcelain developed by the British exceeds the original level in strength and transparency, and is the favorite vessel when drinking tea.The story of porcelain development is very long and detailed.If you are interested in learning more about porcelain, simply visit our website and browse our articles on this topic.You will also find other informative articles on topics related to floor vases and interior decoration, which you may find useful.
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