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Uflex locked 4 during Q1FY16.1600 of sales were 6% higher.6 crore.However, net profit rose by 19.1% to \'76.2 crore.OPM and NPM stand 13.7% and 4.8% Vs 12.8% and 4.2% in Q4FY14.Q4FY15 EPS is \ '9.5.Net profit increased by 26 in fiscal 15.4% to \'254.8 crore on 5.\'6180.3 crore.OPM and NPM stand at 12.2% and 4.1% Vs 12.1% and 3.4% in FY14.FY15 consolidated earnings per share are $35.3 against \'25.8 in FY14.Mixed tax for consolidated entities is lower because of lower tax regime in overseas regionsDubai: zero tax rate;Egypt: 20%, Mexico: 30%.Established in 1983 as Flex Industries of Flex Group, producing multi-layer laminated rolls for plastic, paper, cloth or metal foil for various packaging applications, uflex is the largest flexible packaging professional company in India, have the manufacturing capacity of a large number of plastic film and packaging productsto-Provide terminal solutions for customers in more than 140 countries.
Uflex has the production of polyester chips, two-way stretch polyethylene teraphate (BOPET) and two-way stretch polypropylene (BOPP), cast polypropylene (CPP) facilities for film, printing and coating inks, adhesives for holographic photography, metallized and PVDC coatings, recessed printing drums, recessed printing, laminating and bag forming.Uflex today has state-of-the-art packaging facilities in India with an installed capacity of 99,000 TPA.After establishing a leadership position in India, Uflex established its first overseas business in Dubai, UAE in 2005.
Subsequently, new facilities were expanded in Mexico, Egypt and Poland, with 2010 and 2012 respectively in 2009.There are 18 states in Uflex today.of-the-Art film lines in 6 countries operate around the clock.The cumulative manufacturing capacity of installed film exceeds 337,000 TPA.
Promoters:-Ashok Chaturvedi is a visionary first-generation entrepreneur and founder of the group of Flex companies.The group is interested in flexible packaging solutions, two-way stretch plastic film, chemicals, engineering, cylinders, holographic photography and food.He is the chief architect of the group's vision and valueBusiness strategy driven.
Under his dynamic leadership, the group has become a globally recognized participant in the flexible packaging industry.Subsidiaries:-Flex Middle East FZE, UAE;UK UFlex Europe Limited;UFlex packaging, USA;Flex P.Plastic Film Co., Ltd. (Brazil );UPET Holdings Limited;UTech developer limited Mauritius;Holographic photos of the University of India and Southern CaliforniaLtd.
India;It's a subsidiary.
In addition, UPET (Singapore) Pte.
Singapore;Flex USAA.
de C.
, Mexico;Flex P.
Film (Egypt) S.
E, Egypt;The Flex movie Europao.
, Poland;Flex Film Company USA· SD Buildwell soldiers.Ltd.India and Flex industrial Private Limited are subsidiaries of India.Other products :-Printing drum, flexo printing press (wet proof), digital plate cutting table, solvent recovery unit, laser engraving system, holographic photography, ink and adhesive, custom requirements-Machine based on packaging and processing.
Indian Plant:-Three state-of-the-Make an art BOPET film production line of 66,000 tpa (0.132 billion lbs)/year.Two BOPP production lines produce 36,000 tpa (80 million lbs ).) Movies every year.Five high-A barrier plasma enhanced metal surface processor with a capacity of 30,000 tpa (over 66 million lbs ).
) Movies every year.
A CPP Film production line produces more than 6,000 tpa (13 million) per year ).UAE Capacity:-Ultra-Flex Middle East-The modern polyester film production line operates at a speed of 500 m/s, producing polyester films of more than 60,000 tpa (0.132 billion lbs.Two state-of-the-Enhanced Art plasmaThe Gateway metallisers offers 120 million tons (over 26 million.
) High quality metal film every year.
Mexico Plant:-Flex USAA.
de C.
\'s state-of-the-The art factory is located in Altamira, tamalpa, Mexico.Two BOPET film production lines in the plant can produce 72,000 tpa (about 0.16 billion lbs ).) Movies every year.These movie series are the largest of its kind in the world.
There are two additions to the film's lines.A 12,000 wide plasma-enhanced metal surface processor of more than 5 m metric tons (26 million lbs) can be produced.) High barrier metal film every year.Egypt Project:-During FY13, Uflex commissioned an AL-The OX coating machine for Uflex Egyptian project packaging film in Egypt factory is located near Cairo.
On this site, there are three production lines running in Uflex --Two kinds of production of 36, 000 and 36,000 tpa (80 million lbs) (one BOPP and one BOPET), as well as CPP Film production line for production of 12,000 tpa (more than 26 million lbs)) Movies every year.The movie lines are supplemented by three states.of-the-Enhanced Art plasmaBarrier metal surface processor for 22,800 tpa (over 50 million lbs.
) High quality metal film every year.
The plant also has AlOx coating production lines that produce 2,400 tpa (over 5 million lbs.) of high-Barrier transparent film every year.AL-settingsThe OX coating machine for the packaging film of the Egyptian factory is in sync with its plan to increase the production line of the new product category in the existing factory.
Poland project :-Uflex's Polish project is located in Wrzesnia, near Poznan, Poland.This is its first manufacturing plant in Europe, and it is its main-It is planned to be as close to the main packaging film market as possible and strategically build production lines of global scale.The site has a state.of-the-Art two-way stretch polyester (BOPET) film line, running at a speed of 500 m/min, can produce 36,000 tpa film per year, supplemented by plasma enhanced heightThe barrier metal film of 6,000 tpa film can be converted every year.
User industry :-Dairy products, frozen food, seafood, meatFog, pet food, medicines, birth control pills, garden fertilizers and plant nutrients, oil and lubricants, cars and engineering components, etc.Clients:-Uflex for include Unilever, Pepsi, Wrigley, P & G, Colgate, palmolevey, Nestle, Gillette, Ranbaxy, PerFetti, Joyco, ITC, Godrej Pillsbury, Tata Tea, Hindustan Oil, indian Oil, Britannia, dabble, hardirham, Wockhardt, Le, biscuit Parle, Moon, and more.Financial:-The share capital is 72.2 crore.Reserves are \ '2935.5 crore, the book value of the shares reached \ '417 as of fiscal 15.
\ 'The debt of 1812 crore is 0.
6: 1 as of March 31, 2015.
Over the past 4 years, UL's total block has increased from 3075 crore in March 31, 2011 to 4701 crore.Cash on hand, short/long term loans and current assets are "1024 crore ".The dividend of Uflex to fy15 is 27%.Expansion:-Uflex's consistent agenda for global expansion and consolidation of its status as a truly Indian multinational has been strengthened by its capacity expansion strategy and increased production lines for various product categories in existing and updated locationsBy doing so, Uflex adds proximity to the market and brings a broad portfolio of value-added products to customers at the most competitive price points.
Uflex has been set up on one drive-New factories have been established for the development and manufacture of many new and innovative packaging products.Uflex is establishing a standardized packaging material project for packaging liquids in Sanand industrial zone, Gujarat state.The board approved the investment at a meeting held on May 28, 2015, with an investment of about 50 crore.
The facility is expected to be operational in April 2017 and will employ 800 people.The Gujarat plant will produce 7 billion packs of liquid products such as energy drinks, milk and juice each year, of which about 90% of the output will be used in the domestic market.Prospects:-Since the global economic downturn in 2008, the world consumer flexible packaging market has rebounded significantly.
The market tonnage of this part is estimated to be 24 tons.In 2013, it was 3 million tons, with an estimated Compound annual growth rate of 4.1% period 2013-On the 18 th, it reached 29.
8 million tons.
It is estimated that the global flexible packaging market will grow from $73 to $73.It was $8 billion in 2012.From 6 billion to 2018, the compound growth rate was 5.1% from 2013 to 2018.This impressive expansion rate is higher than gross domestic product (GDP), indicating that the flexible packaging market is growing faster than the good oneTraditional rigid packaging market.
In developed countries, it is estimated that the growth rate of the flexible packaging sector is about 2.5 -3.5%, while in developing countries, this growth is 8-12% annually.In fact, the growth rate in India's history is 15-18% p.
Polyethylene accounts for nearly 32% of the global market share and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.The above period is 1%.Polypropylene accounted for the second largest share of the market segment, with a compound growth rate of 4.9% during the reporting period.The BOPP portion of polypropylene has a significant share of about 80% at a compound annual growth rate of 5.
2% during this period.
Opportunity:-Nearly half of India's population is under the age of 25, compared to about 1 out of 3 in China.Family planning policies have led to an aging population.India's young population is increasingly accepting buying and spending beforePackaging products.
In addition, India's fast-growing and increasingly mature middle class is driving demand for processed foods that are increasingly valuable for using flexible packaging.At present, only 5% of food supply in India is available to consumers.packaged form.Due to poor distribution infrastructure, nearly 40% of fresh food in India is estimated to die before reaching consumers, resulting in loss of income from small farmers and rising consumer prices.
This provides a huge opportunity for the rapid development of flexible packaging.This growth is expected to continue as flexible packaging, especially bagged packaging, uses less energy and materials and has lower transportation costs, environmental impact and carbon footprint compared to rigid packaging.These current trends on flexible packaging and rapid growth are expected to continue and increase over the next 10 years to 2023.
Emerging markets in Europe and North America and Asia, Central and South America are expected to achieve high growth.The compound annual growth rate of paper and aluminum is 5.5% and 5.4% respectively.Cellulose is one of the materials with potential growth potential in the future.
The annual compound growth rate is expected to be 8.2% to 2018.& Markets).Valuation and suggestions :-Starting from a small manufacturing sector in 1983, today is a thriving group of commercial enterprises with a turnover of over $1 billion and will achieve significant strategic growth, position yourself as a leading business group in India.In addition to the factory in India, the group today has 9 greenfield factories in 5 countries other than India, namely the United States, Mexico, Poland, egypt and Dubai, as well as the country's products, are sold in 140 countries around the world.
There are 18 states in Uflex today.
of-the-Art film lines in 6 countries operate around the clock.Uflex has strong manufacturing bases in India, Mexico, Dubai, Egypt, Poland and the United States for global markets in the United States, Canada, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, south Africa and other African countries, the Middle East and South Asia.The demand for flexible packaging mainly comes from the needs of user industries such as processed food, personal products, beverages, lubricants, pesticides and medicines.
The food and FMCG industry consumes about 80% of Uflex production, which provides strong visibility into revenue.On the mp of \ '172, the stock trades at a price-earnings ratio of 4.4x on FY16E & 4.0x on FY17E.We keep buying and the target price has increased with a price/earnings ratio of 5 per share.
0x on FY17E.
Key Risk:-Fierce competition in plastic film business.Uflex faces fierce competition from international and domestic manufacturers
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