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bone china tea set made in england “wu yao - a powerful healing asian herb” -

by:Two Eight     2019-08-05
Woyao, wuyao root, or also known as Spice Bush, is a powerful Asian therapeutic herb that magically brings life energy into the body to treat diabetes, bladder problems, premature aging ...... There's more.Wu Yao is another precious root like ginseng. it has a great effect on creating health and is very important for those who grow old.Where it growsWu Yao is a evergreen flowering plant with a height of 3 to 9 feet, white or yellow flowers and red berries, roots harvested in China and Japan, and therapeutic ability in South Korea.Abdominal pain and swellingWu Yao is very helpful in treating abdominal pain and eliminating swelling caused by excessive gas.Traditional Chinese MedicineIn traditional Chinese medicine, Wu is used in the treatment of liver and Qi stagnation and spleen deficiency, and also in the treatment of vomiting, fatigue, shortness of breath and chest tightness.It is also used to warm up the bladder, lung, spleen and kidney.Increase Circulation-Wu Yao increases circulation in the body by stimulating the heart to shrink and thereby increase or decrease blood pressure ...... This helps balance blood pressure.
Helps fatigueWu Yao helps fatigue by stimulating the cerebral cortex, thus helping depression and improving one's mood.Help with inflammationStudies have shown that Wu medicine is also helpful for inflammation.Therefore, Wu Yao has a good effect in treating arthritis and joint pain.Excessive urination and UTI-Wu has also been used to treat frequent urination and urinary tract infections.Wu Yao enhances the function of the muscles, thus improving the tension of the bladder and anus.Antimicrobial -Wu Yao has antibacterial and antiviral effects on the role.This helps clear invading bacteria and viruses.This means it can help with colds, flu, and even other bacteria and virus infections.Help with diabetesStudies have shown that patients taking Wu medicine have better renal function, serum creatinine urine, and creatinine urine clearance compared to the control group.Therefore, Wu Yao is very important for the treatment of kidney disease.Powerful antioxidantsIn the study, it was found that Wu medicine contains powerful antioxidants such as celery, noso Modin, hopark phenol, houpark phenol, and musnoxsin, as well as a newSo all of these antioxidants have the ability to remove free radicals and repair DNA damage ...... And the ability to prevent diseases and slow down the aging process.Other Uses -Wu Yao has also been used to treat stomach pains, stomach problems, ulcers, backleg pain, asthma, nasal congestion, abdominal hernia, and even cancer.Contains -Wu Yao contains compounds-There are some more magical therapeutic compounds, such as double half hydrocarbons, laolitoxin, Linde alcohol, double half hydrocarbons, isonet, Lind, and Lin.Forms -Wu Yao can be found as powder, capsules and pills ...... In addition, it is used in many herbal recipes for the treatment of bladder problems, kidney diseases, slowing down aging, and other health challenges.Finding -Wu Yaoshang can order-Line up for inquiries at local health food stores, or Chinese herbal stores and Asian markets.Dose -Most people recommend 3 to 10 grams a day.Roots are usually stewed in the water, resulting in tea every day.Wu Yao is usually used in combination with two or three other herbs to make strong tea, capsules and tea pills.Make sure to work with an excellent TCM or TCM to find the exact combination of herbs and Wu, which will best suit any specific health challenge.Like all herbs, not all herbs work for everyone, just like some antibiotics and resistanceDepression drugs don't work for everyone.Therefore, it is important to try different herbs to find out what works for a particular individual.We are all different, which means that we have different bodies that must be taken into account when working with any of the therapeutic agents.Also, all herbs should only be taken for 7 to 10 days, then take a break and come back for another round of natural treatment if needed.It is important to keep our liver healthy, because what we eat and drink has an impact on our liver.Our liver is our first line of defense against disease.It's all about keeping everything balanced, yin and yang.Enjoy!Dr.Paul Haider -
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