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bone china dinnerware set for 4 how to tell if spode christmas tree china is made in china ...

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
The Spode Christmas tree collection evokes the image of a dinner holiday table, a microcosm of traditional Christmas for many.Porcelain tableware and serving pieces depict a luxurious tree decorated with decorations and full of Christmas gifts.The Victorian-Style tree was designed in 1938 by the UK Spode for the US market.
Until about 2006, Chinese Christmas trees were made in the UK, but later production was transferred to Malaysia.For some collectors and enthusiasts, there is no such suit made in the UK-Where spod was born-Reduced its exclusivity and appeal.One of the fastest ways to tell if your Christmas tree is made in Malaysia or made in China is to check the back.
Spoud has printed the country of origin on all the works.If you buy your suit before 2006, it is likely to say "made in the UK ".Otherwise, it will declare "made in Malaysia" or "Made in China ".
Many people who bought sets made in Malaysia reported that the glass windows were very different and the differences on the back were particularly obvious.The customer reported that the tree could be felt by hand, while the trees on the British-made set could not be felt.They also noticed that there are bubbles in the finish sometimes.
This difference in glass windows and quality is another way to confirm where the Spode series is made.You can also judge whether it is made in China/Malaysia by difference in color quality.It is noted that the red color in the tree design is different from the color produced in the UK.
Malaysians and ChineseThe Made Spode collection also feels a little heavier than the original Chinese in English.The quality of the porcelain is different and it is reported to feel more bulky
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