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bone china dinnerware for everyday use elegant disposable dinnerware for ceremonial events ...

by:Two Eight     2019-06-08
In life, sometimes people can't use your daily cutlery to provide food to guests, family and friends, and they can't provide food with cheap paper trays and cups.Many parties are formal and solemn in nature --Engagement party, wedding, barmitsva or anniversary, or even baby shower or birthday.In addition to the outdoor company picnic, company activities are usually formal activities.
Due to the traditional nature, catering, party planning and family owners are forced to use formal tableware and tableware in these activities.In the past, there were few options to choose from.Expensive pieces and breakage in China are commonplace, not to mention the time to wash your hands and dry.
But there are new reasons for celebrating.As a member of the food service industry, or just someone who likes to have elegant parties at home, you can now choose a variety of elegant disposable tableware.We choose to tell you that the tableware series is not only in appearance and feeling, but also in visual attraction, in order to withstand the highest quality, overall appearance and lasting impression of China and tableware.
They are usually made of biodegradable materials, so they remain eco-friendly from beginning to end.They are strong enough to hold the food firmly.They tend to blend so naturally with upscale environments that in many cases they have been recycled, cleaned and used again, even though they have one-off attributes.
Some manufacturers such as WNA Comet have launched chicNice looking cutlery including plate, salad plate, bowl, CUP, glass, coffee cup and tray.They are 100% compatible with hot and cold foods and in most cases microwaves are safe.Some manufacturers have even introduced matching tableware with exquisite colors and complementary shapes.
Not only do they emphasize your food presentation, they also become the main topic of table discussion.If not because of their one-off nature, they can easily fit seamlessly into the designer cutlery category.From a budget perspective, most of these products are sold for less than $1, many of which are wholesale for less than 50 cents, so that they are within the purchasing power of many catering and commercial food service operators.
So next time you organize a catering event or an upscale party at home, call or write to us and try to use elegant disposable cutlery instead of traditional China.Your event will be immediately welcomed and will be the focus of appreciation and replenishment for many guests attending the event
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