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bone china dinner set price list how to paint a plate | ehow

by:Two Eight     2019-07-28
If you draw your own plates, you can design a design that complements your decor or suits your personal taste.To draw a plate, you need to design a paint for the plate material, which is usually ceramic, such as porcelain, bone porcelain or porcelain, or other materials such as metal, plastic or glassTo decorate your plate, all you need is a template or a stable hand, brush, and sometimes an oven.The common plates used for this project are porcelain and ceramics, but some glass plates can also work.
For purely decorative items, plastic plates can be used.The white plate provides the most functionality for your design, but you can draw plates of any color.You need the right paint.For example, for ceramic plates, paint designed for painting on ceramics is used.
Ceramic, porcelain and glass paint are available at local craft shops.The type of brush you need depends on the type of design you plan to draw.Draw a picture on your design using a pencil, but you may also need a template, drawing or tape to transfer the design.
If you have design ideas, free with a pencilBefore you draw, draw it on the plate first.Some ideas include quotes you like, flowers in the garden or cartoon characters for children.You can also apply an image to a drawing using a washable marker.
To copy the design you see on the book or online, transfer it to your plate using carbon paper or templates.Print the design from your computer to create a template or purchase a template..Secure the template on the board using masking tape.
If you are using carbon paper, stick it on a plate with a pencil and transfer the design by tracing it on carbon paper.Cover your work area with cloth or paper to protect it and put on clothes you don't mind getting dirty.Open the window to ventilate the space.Put the plate flat and start painting your design in the background color.
For example, if you draw leaves on a plate, start with the main color--The leaves of spring are green, and the leaves of autumn are red.Use a wide brush for larger areas, such as base colors.Allow the paint to dry between layers.It takes about an hour to dry ceramic or porcelain paint;The acrylic paint will dry in about 10 minutes.
Apply another layer of paint until the color reaches the intensity you want.Use a finer detail brush, such as 1, when the base is dry.0, draw details with emphasis color, such as brown texture or gold on the leaves to highlight.
Draw a border on the edge of the board if needed, but you don't have to draw on the back of the board.Once the paint is dry, you're done--If only for the purpose of decoration.However, the paint is easily erased.Set the paint.Wait at least 24 hours before baking pan for paint to solidify.
The exact instructions will depend on the type of paint used and the brand.Usually, you need to put the plate in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.Remove the plate from the oven and let it cool completely before displaying it.
Use thick oven gloves when handling dishes as it will be hot.Be careful not to paint your clothes or other items you do not want to mark as it is not easy to remove
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