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blue japanese ceramic handled dinnerware Plates and Figurines Marked Made in Occupied Japan

by:Two Eight     2019-08-17
blue japanese ceramic handled dinnerware Plates and Figurines Marked Made in Occupied Japan
Have you ever bought a statue or pottery and found that "Occupy Japan" was written on the back "?
You may want to know why there is this mark.
After World War II, the Allies occupied Japan until the beginning of 1950.
Japanese ceramics, pottery and China are printed "made in occupied Japan" or simply "Occupied Japan ".
Now, these pieces of art have become very collectible, and savvy collectors are always looking for something that will only add value.
These are not only of interest to Japanese art and design collectors, but also to historians.
There are many places to find statues, pottery or China printed with "Occupied Japan" or "made in occupied Japan.
Ebay is a good start, and there are usually a few people who sell on that site a lot.
Since stocks on Ebay are always changing, it is a good idea to check frequently.
Remember to buy it on Ebay if you like something because it may not be there tomorrow or even an hour.
Another place will be the traditional auction house.
These may be found in the box and sold as a work lot, so it is important to look at as many boxes as possible, as it may not be listed in the sales manual.
Some can be found in charity stores such as Salvation Army and goodwill, but usually employees sort out and sell these things separately.
If you talk to them, they may be willing to sell them to you.
Exchange meetings, garage sales, car trunk sales if you are in the UK.
It's always a good place to find these things.
It's better to arrive early so you can have the best option.
Talk to traders to see if they have more than what is shown.
Antique stores may also be available, but you will pay a higher price than in previous places.
Marked "Occupied Japan" or "made in occupied Japan ".
She's a collector herself.
See if you have the same.
With her purchase, her list is growing, and her collection takes pictures and shows here on the Internet.
There are several reasons for stamping like this.
The first is the export reason.
The hostility towards the Japanese continued after the war, so these people did not want to buy their products.
People don't want to support Japan by buying their products.
At that time, their products were also considered inferior.
If you have seen the movie back to the future, they will mention it.
In the 1950 s, Japan was synonymous with poor quality, and now it produces some of the highest quality goods.
They can also use these marks as a mark of resistance against the occupation.
For whatever reason, they are now becoming collections and their value is increasing.
Choose a glass cabinet if you want to show your collection.
This will protect them and allow you to view them as well.
The right position should be away from the glare, as the glare will bleach the color of your pieces.
Another benefit is that when someone else wants to see a piece, they don't have to deal with it.
Your collection will be placed safely on the display and kept in a clean and dust-free environment.
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