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BLOG WITH CLAIRE: Grace not just a prayer you say before a meal - dirty restaurant dishes

by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
BLOG WITH CLAIRE: Grace not just a prayer you say before a meal  -  dirty restaurant dishes
Ants march by themselves
It is important to walk along the bench to the Sugar Bowl.
You have to give it to them-
They must be a robust species.
The path passed through the walls, over the dirty dishes, into the cupboard, and disappeared strangely.
If you prescribe karma then a good surface spray is not possible.
I mean, what if the exoskeletal animal (the one doing backstroke in My Sugar Bowl) was poor aunt?
Who died a few years ago?
If you pick her up and put her on the sidewalk outside, you may be free from the same death.
But she obviously deserves a lot.
It may have been past actions that affected her avatar. Karma bites.
At the heart of most world religions is the belief in karma.
In fact, Karma means "action" or "action", but it already represents a belief in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, that is, our actions directly affect the causal cycle, and what we do has a direct impact on the quality of our lives now and in the future.
\ "What's happening around. Bono -
Complex personality accomplished with charity and philosophy
Told French reporter Michka Assayas, "Karma is the core of the universe ".
"I'm absolutely sure about it," he said . "
However, this idea, called grace, has come and subverted all the things that "you sow when you harvest.
Elegance is contrary to reason and logic.
Love can interrupt the consequences of your actions if you want.
Grace is unique to Christianity.
Most religions feel good and evil,-as C. S.
Lewis once pointed out that the definition of Christianity is grace.
I'm not talking about a short prayer before dinner.
Grace is like this: get what we shouldn't get.
Like when you were caught speeding, the police warned you to get you off the bus. That\'s grace.
Just as God throws the gates of heaven away from your dark past. Expense. Romans 5:7-
8 said, "Very few people will die for a righteous person, although for a good person, someone may dare to die.
But at this point God showed us his own love: Christ died for us when we were sinners.
In short, elegance is pure and wonderful.
In his book, What is the greatness of Grace, Philip Young said, "The law of God is so perfect and absolute that no one can achieve justice.
If this goes on, there will be a shortage of hope.
"However, the grace of God is so great that we do not have to do so," continued Yang . ".
\ "By trying to prove that they are worthy of God's love, the Legalists miss out on the whole of the Gospel, a gift from God to those who are not worthy of it.
The solution to sin is not to impose a forever
Strict code of conduct.
To know God.
Faith and religion are often thrown into the same raft.
First of all, I am tired of pointing at me because of the countless misdeeds of "Christians --
People driven by religion rather than faith.
Because faith is the relationship, religion is the rule.
Faith contains the gift of grace.
Religion strives to follow the rules in the hope that good deeds will be rewarded in this karmic way.
Another favorite Yangxi quote: "You can't do anything that makes God love you more, and you can't do anything that makes God love you less.
God will not be influenced by action, he is interested in your heart. consequence.
But if you approach God with a sincere heart, then he is the greatest gift you wish to receive. Grace or Karma?
If you don't accept this elegant gift, you are indeed flawed.
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