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Black Neon Tetra - proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant

by:Two Eight     2019-09-03
Black Neon Tetra  -  proper way of hand wash dishes in a restaurant
Black neon tetra does not need to be introduced in the aquarium fish trade.
If you are planning on using this species as a pet, here are some things you should consider.
) Is a freshwater fish native to southern Brazil.
It belongs to the Characidae family of freshwater tropical and subtropical fish.
Many people think that this is a black variant of the four common neon colors, which is far from true.
Although they come from the same family of tetra fish, they belong to different genus.
The only common thing between the two, apart from the family, may be that both are popular aquarium species.
Black neon Tetris length 4-
Total growth of 5 cm.
Women can be identified by their broad, rounded bodies, not by men's slender, slightly smaller bodies.
Two adjacent black and silver add to their beauty
White longitudinal stripes from the eye to the tail.
Black stripes are thicker than white stripes.
Their abdomen is silver and their fins are colorless. . .
Almost transparent.
They have big eyes and a crimson half circle on the top.
To make sure they feel comfortable, you have to provide them with a suitable environment.
To create a habitat, you need a dark tank with a capacity of at least 20 liters or more.
You can keep 4-
The black neon Tetris in the fish tank, because they like to live in groups.
You should fill the fish tank with soft water, soft water is acidic and pH is within 5 range. 5 and 7. 5.
The temperature of the water should be within the range of 72 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.
You can put a lot of living plants along the boundaries of the aquarium.
There should be enough open water for the species to swim freely.
Basically, the black neon four is a omnivore in nature, living on a variety of foods.
In their natural habitat, they prefer small animals, such as insects and their larvae, as well as live plants.
On the other hand, in the aquarium, you can give them thin slices of food and frozen dry food.
Sometimes you can also feed them live foods such as salted shrimp, blackworms and frozen blood worms.
These foods should be eaten at least once a week as they help keep them attractive in color.
The fish usually eat all the food on the water and in the middle.
They will never eat anything lying at the bottom of the tank.
Black neon Tetris began breeding at the age of one.
For proper breeding, you should feed them a lot of live food.
It is recommended to provide a separate tank for both males and females with the correct environment, which is more or less similar to their natural habitat.
You have to make sure that the water in the breeding pond is very soft and acidic and there are enough plants in it.
The aquarium should be placed in the area where soft light is received.
The female laid hundreds of eggs and scattered around.
These eggs are very sticky and stick to various surfaces inside the aquarium.
Soon after breeding, you should take the big fish out of the aquarium.
Otherwise, they will eat eggs and babies.
The eggs will hatch in a week and the little Fry will start swimming throughout the place.
Once their yolk sac is gone, you can start feeding them delicious food.
Ideally, the first food for the fry should be infusoria.
You can also give them flakes in the form of tiny particles.
They can have some rough food as they grow.
Live Food is also good for frying.
The life span of this species is usually around 5 years.
However, they can live a few more years with proper care.
Ideal varieties of tank fit include neon fish, Black Widow Lee, Lotus lamp, and more.
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