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Biscuit Recipes for KFC, Red Lobster & Hardee's - italian restaurants chicago get take home dish as well

by:Two Eight     2019-09-26
Biscuit Recipes for KFC, Red Lobster & Hardee\'s  -  italian restaurants chicago get take home dish as well
Oh, those beautiful cookies!
Some of our favorite restaurants.
They changed our speed.
From the rhythm of our past life to a better and more warm place.
Red Lobster.
I know that after eating a Red Lobster, I always order a dozen cheddar cookies to take home.
Delicious warm cheese and tender center full of cheddar cheese. . . mm-mm. . . . what a treat!
Sometimes time or wallet is not allowed to rest at the restaurant. away.
It would be nice if we could have some delicious food together at home.
Now we can!
Let you own and own your own restaurant.
Enjoy the indulgent flavors and warm memories of these "yum" packages!
KFC is also known as KFC, currently in more than 80 countries in the world
Corbin, Kentucky.
In 1939, he began to use a pressure fryer, which allowed him to cook his magic recipe quickly, thus quickly providing food to customers.
Colonel Sanders developed his famous original fried chicken recipe in 1940.
Surprisingly, cookies have become the most popular cookies.
As the defending champion, crispy butter milk cookies are the first item on the KFC menu (except chicken of course ).
A taste, you will understand why! 1½ cups all-
Preheat the oven to 425 ° F.
Sift the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
(Using a pastry cutter or wide-
Tine fork, press the shortening oil with dry ingredients to make it a little grainy ).
Make it in the flour mixture and add buttermilk. .
On the surface of the flour, pat the dough into thickness and cut it with a cookie cutter or glass edge.
Bake for about 12 minutes or until golden brown (don't overcook ). âx99¥-
Recipe made about 9 cookies
The sweet cream icing on these hot roasted cinnamon cookies is closer to heaven than love itself.
Hardy's first hamburger stand opened on 1960.
Task description is very simple and direct: char-
At 15 cents, grilled burgers and milkshakes at a very economical price.
The "flakes" cookies appear very late and have become the center of the chain today.
The recipe is strong, but so is the final treatment! One 13-
Cup buttermilk (make your own buttermilk: Mix 1/3 cups of milk with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or white vinegar in this recipe.
Preheat the oven to 400 ° F. Grease two 8-
An inch cake pan.
To make a "flakes" mixture, empty a box of grain out of the blender.
Add cinnamon and brown sugar for about 3 seconds until the mixture is crushed but not powdered.
Put the mixture in a small bowl.
Stir the melted butter with a fork. Set aside.
Making cookie dough using 2-1
Mix with sugar and raisins.
Pour buttermilk, tonic water, and vanilla into the cookie mix.
Stir with a fork until all the liquid is absorbed, then knead in the bowl with your hands and add enough biscuit mixture to smooth the dough to prevent the dough from sticking to the side of the bowl.
Divide the dough into 5 parts in a bowl.
Sprinkle the "flakes" mixture on the dough and then add it until most of the mixture is evenly distributed in the dough.
Divide the dough into 12 equal parts and shape each part intoinch-thick patty.
Put the pie tightly together in the prepared cake tray.
Bake for 25 minutes or until golden.
Make icing when cookies are baked: in a small bowl with a high speed electric mixer, stir melted butter, vanilla, sour cream, salt, sugar until smooth.
Once the biscuit is ready, place the pan on the wire rack and cover the top of the biscuit with icing on sugar. âx99¥--
Light, airy, delicious garlic-
, What a beautiful drop of sunshine for your tray.
On 1968, Bill Darden opened his first Red Lobster in Lake land, Florida.
Two years later, the company grew in the southeast of the United States and quickly became a leader in seafood casual dining.
Now serve these delicious garlic.
Cheddar cookies across the United StatesS. !
Preheat the oven to 450 ° F.
Stir the cookies, cheddar cheese and milk together until a soft dough is formed.
Beat with a wooden spoon for about 30 seconds.
Put the spoon on the greased biscuit.
Smooth the top to prevent hard dots from forming.
Bake for 8 to 10 minutes until the top is brown.
When the cookies are baked, melt the butter in the pan and stir with garlic powder.
After the biscuits are ready, brush the butter on them, sprinkle them with thin slices of parsley, and then serve them hot. âx99¥-
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