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Big Dreams, ‘Hairy Goals,’ and the Million Dollar Club That Almost Didn’t Happen - the main dish restaurant impossible sold

by:Two Eight     2019-08-29
Big Dreams, ‘Hairy Goals,’ and the Million Dollar Club That Almost Didn’t Happen  -  the main dish restaurant impossible sold
Each professional can not only change the rules of the game, but also open the door to a world of possibilities beyond current dreams and goals.
And that bold big goal. Ten years—
This is the time I worked in online marketing until something came along and gave me a life beyond my imagination. Ten years.
And then I really started.
I have very little money now, and I don't have a real product.
My husband and I were bold enough to achieve unprecedented success.
Now that there are thousands of success stories in my team and network, I am happy to help lead the company and continue to work on all of my ongoing personal, professional and wealth goals.
But in order to build a brand that allows me to help small start-ups, professional teams (like me), I spent years of intense blood, anxious sweat and intense tears, in my previous work environment, I faced burnout and a desire for life.
I can even sit on the advisory board where I can fund NPOs and continue to make "changes" starting with my own team and tribe "!
Before all this, however
Before the "Million Dollar Club", before selling four digits, five digits, six digits and seven digits, I was ready for myself.
Success was not enough and soon I found myself in a place where I had to go back to my previous job, or enter the "BHAG" that I am fortunate enough to pursue at the right time (and with my new husband ).
It is online marketing that has made me the biggest achievement in my career.
I can't go back to the restaurant world, and even the company I helped couldn't make it.
Here, I learned that there is nothing more powerful than trying to achieve sustainable income.
Internet marketing empowers workers (women aged 73 ). 5% men aged 26
5%), these networks flourish based on the entrepreneur's own "brand" and commodities.
All my years of hotel business in landscaping and daycare gave me an idea of who I am now and what I was able to do as I became the right motivation I needed to be.
However, it has nothing to do with me because I am just one of the millions of "entrepreneurs" who have learned about the history of business and the web, these histories are untapped and unfamiliar to networks that professionals cannot access.
Now what I'm going to say is 19 years instead of 10 years, because after the first few years of my ability to know myself, my husband and I took the opportunity and we shouldn't try, also shouldn't fly without a net until I see him successful enough to have to resign in order to save our money!
Then, he pursued the success of the company with me, which also became our success.
Over the past nine years, I have been able to share these achievements with individuals and networks that have inspired their own success, which will never exist without the right team or training.
All of this was paid to me, and then I paid to others forward, up and out, and loved every good and hard moment ever since.
If I could talk to me 10 years or 20 years ago, I would make a suggestion like this: expect great things to happen and don't let your patience run out (as it will ).
Don't let your confidence run out (because it will work ).
If none of these virtues are there, hold on until you get there.
"There" may not be where you think it is, it doesn't matter.
There will be a brand new place where you will be excited and proud of your building.
I will see you there. in the future.
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