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by:Two Eight     2019-08-25
best shirdi tour package from chennai -  -  best dishes in a korean restaurant
About the beginning of the 18 th century, a young man with a beard and sparkling eyes took refuge in a mosque in Shirdi village (Maharshtra state, India.
No one knew where the stranger came from, and he stayed there without saying a word.
He is the self of all things, he is the life of all things, he is the inner soul of the universe, is the immortal reality that is coming, he is the selfExistent, Self-
Glowing truth he is static reality he is the driving force behind creation he is the highest guide he is all target
Part of the whole
Curious villagers began to feed the man, but he never asked them for anything.
Sometimes he shares food with animals.
Soon, the young fakir began to express his views with a small number of elderly villagers when he began his speech.
His simple expression of language and special ability to solve poverty and poverty problems quickly made this less well-known fakir known as Shri Sai Baba.
Over time, devotees began to pour more and more into Shirdi.
The village soon became the center of the pilgrimage.
With the flow of gifts and gifts, the pomp and ceremony of Saiyan are evolving.
Every day, Saibaba will be a poor man, handing out everything to the poor.
But the life of Sababa is still calm, undisturbed and unchanged, which is the spiritual glory of the Saints.
It is also realized that this "Baba" is not an ordinary person, but a person with extraordinary powers.
This power is unknown and does not exist in normal human beings.
Baba preached to all his disciples his principles of love and faith in humanity.
He always feels painful because all the people who come to him are more for their own personal problems than for the ultimate goal of God, he believes that only through real efforts can we achieve the service of mankind.
Sababa firmly believes in the unity of religion. he never distinguishes anyone based on caste, faith or religion.
He always emphasizes not to return empty-handed, those who come to him in times of need and sorrow.
In order to alleviate the suffering of the poor, he created miracles.
On one occasion, he restored the eyes of a blind old man, and on the other, he lit the lantern with water when there was no oil to burn the lantern.
Since all the good things are finally coming to an end, Baba also volunteered to leave his body on October 15.
1918. let his millions of followers and followers cry.
His body was placed in Samadi, known as the "loot", and he asked his disciples to be built before his death.
Saibaba is unique because he sends his message through the nature of his existence.
His life and his relationship with ordinary people is his teaching.
The lmmense energies that manifest in Sai's body are moving and still moving in mysterious ways, creating and re-creating themselves anywhere, beyond understanding of time and space.
However, he lived with ordinary people as a penniless fakir, dressed in torn kafni, sleeping on the mat, leaning his head against the brick and begging for food.
He gave out a mysterious smile and a look deep inside, a calm beyond all understanding.
He always knows what is going on in everyone's heart and mind, whether they are his devotees or not.
This omnipresent, omniscient Sri Lankan Saibaba, who left the mortal body in 1918, is a living spiritual force that attracts people from all walks of life around the world. Today, he enters his arms.
Sri Sababa's life, behavior and behavior are like "God comes on Earth.
He came to serve the human race, to free the human race from the claws of fear.
His most concise message for all is "why are you afraid when I'm here ".
To take refuge in Sai is to enter a journey, to reach the sacred oasis of love, from the spring of life, the source of all spiritual energy, to drink deeply.
Wherever the devotee is, Baba makes him realize in his heart his highest wishes and goals, every move, his behavior and attitude towards his companions are patient and convinced by the consciousness of being loved and understood.
This is Sri Lanka's commitment to all the people who came to him.
Sri Sababa went above and beyond the limits of time and space, so caste, creed, doctrine of position and doctrine were simply not important to him.
No one really knows his parents, where he comes from, or what religion he believes in.
He did not ask for any property, nor did he receive any disciples, nor did he give any specific instruction.
This anonymity provides a strange aspect of his interaction with those who come to seek guidance.
For Hindus, he is an orthodox Brahmin with a sacred flame, calling on the worship of many gods and the study of piety in various Hindu scriptures.
He lives in a mosque but always calls it "Dwarkamay!
"(The birthplace of Lord Krishna is Dwaraka ).
For Muslims, he is a fakir who lives in a mosque and abides by Islamic discipline, and guides Muslim seekers according to their own religious route with "Allah Malik" (God is the master)
For Parsis, he is a holy rire admirer.
His life is a vivid manifestation of the sermon of Christ and the eight
The Buddha's fold.
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