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best restaurant dishes to make at home make your own kota - recipes -

by:Two Eight     2019-07-25
On any other "hood" trip in Soweto or houden, you will meet the GP's favorite sandwich, Kota (or Sphatlo ).Compared to the word "quarter", it is called Kota because bread for one quarter is used as the bottom of the sandwich.It's full of everything you can think of, from chips to eggs and a variety of sauces.
Kota is a favorite lunch time for students and has a good price/performance ratio.This sandwich is definitely not for you if you are a weight observer, but it doesn't hurt to not go on a diet for a day and make yourself your own Kota.If you go to a brother-in-town shop, you can choose what you want to include in your card --But when you make a sandwich at home, meet the challenge and make a sandwich with everything.
All-Fried fries, eggs, Russian sausage, viyena and burger pie from the start of preparing the filling.Empty the bread circle and use atchar to make the bottom.You can layer the filling in any order you feel, and pour things with spices and sauces.
In order to finish your sandwich, put the piece of bread you cut before on it, make sure you press it while eating to minimize the confusion.Get the pump-The taste is good. you can try it too.Peri season or pepper beef season just to add a little energy to your kasi sandwich.This sandwich is definitely not for fainting people.
Kind hearted, but for those days when you are craving a lot of grease in your body, this is a perfect comfort food.This is also an excellent treatment for babalas!While it may not be good for your waist, it must be a miracle for your taste buds.Why not shake a little and prepare these sandwiches for your friends and family.
It's a perfect turn for a great Sunday lunch
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