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Best Potato Salad Recipes - most popular side dishes in restaurants

by:Two Eight     2019-09-08
Best Potato Salad Recipes  -  most popular side dishes in restaurants
On any occasion, the best potato salad recipes are made for the most delicious side dishes.
Continue reading and discover in this article the best recipe for a creamy potato salad, as well as other variants that can be tried when making a potato salad.
John Taylor Petit in "prayer and potato.
Potatoes are definitely one of God's best creations, and I haven't tasted another more versatile food yet.
You can have breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner on potatoes, and you will be full every time.
Personally, potatoes are never enough for me.
Surprisingly, how can you do anything about this otherwise bland root, almost never going wrong.
Let's have a salad, for example.
Talk to any chef from anywhere in the world and they will tell you how hard it is to come up with a perfect salad sauce.
Everything has to be just right in order to bring out the flavor of each ingredient in this apparently easy-to-prepare dish.
Even in this case, potatoes can easily absorb the fragrance and taste of various salads --.
They are the most popular vegetables of all time and do not have their own unique taste.
England's monarch Henry IV's favorite salad may be due to this effortless versatility of potatoes, a boiled potato Ding with sardines and herbal spices.
While eating potatoes, I am sure that potatoes are a foreign food, and because of the Spanish conqueror, potatoes travel from North America to Europe, he never thought about it.
So, here are some of the best potato salad recipes, and when you think about such a thing in real time, you can try, unlike soy sauce, soy sauce brings Chinese flavor to the food, the oregano is left in the palette and the potato becomes the country where it is cooked!
This potato recipe requires you to Scrub the potatoes and cut them into cubes first.
Don't peel off your skin.
Then steam them.
At the same time, mix sweet pepper, celery, leeks, honey and mustard in another container.
Sprinkle a little salt and freshly crushed black pepper on the mixture.
Now remove the potatoes from the stove when they are cooked, but do not soften and soften.
Drain the water and put the strong potatoes in the mixing bowl.
Toss enough to mix everything and service.
It's really an easy treat!
Wash the potatoes well and boil them in salt water.
When they are soft, drain the water and let them dry.
Peel it down and cut it into cubes and put it on one side.
Now, mix parsley, leeks, vinegar and tarragon with the help of olive oil and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it.
Put the potato block into the mixture and stir well.
Let it stand for about 45 minutes without interference and then join the goldbrown almonds.
You have to make a salad a little in advance because after the almonds are added, you have to cover it and put it in a cool place and dry it for at least 3 hours.
After that, it's ready.
Put the potatoes aside.
Now, mix cream, vinegar, mustard, onions, eggs and potatoes with the help of oil.
Toss for a while, then add dill and celery, and fold it again.
Add a little salt and pepper at the end, look!
You have finished the recipe for this creamy potato salad.
By first boiling all the potatoes in salt water for up to 15 minutes, cook in a covered pan and make a salad for about 12 people.
After the potatoes are cooked, drain the water and refrigerate it.
Once cooled, remove from the refrigerator and cut into small pieces.
Don't remove the skin of potatoes.
Now put potato chips, bacon pieces, eggs, celery and onions in a large bowl and stir well.
Then pour the mayonnaise and sprinkle salt and pepper from it.
Fold again until the vegetables are well combined with mayonnaise.
Serve after 60 minutes of cold.
Each food contains about 430 calories and 133 grams of cholesterol.
On top of that, you can add about 3 tablespoons of sweet green condiments, a few tomato corners, half a cup of Cuba, grilled chicken pieces and some dill Roos to decorate if you wish.
Throw all the ingredients, except 2 sliced eggs and peppers, into a large bowl and stir until everything is completely mixed.
You need to be careful so you don't smash the chips.
Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.
Put the sliced eggs on the salad before serving and pepper Mitzler from it.
The potato salad is very delicious and very interesting to eat in summer.
In the United States, one person spends an average of 125 pounds of tomato and tobacco a year.
So, season your palette with more potato delicacies by trying these delicious best potato salad recipes.
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